Portraits of Power: 64 Insanely Inspiring Women from Our First-Ever #PowerTrip

Fierceness personified. 

Kate Owen

You know that terrible stereotype from the early 2000s—the one where successful career women always had to be heartless, ruthlessly ambitious, with absolutely no personal life to speak of? We're here to remind you that powerful women *today* are much more complicated, much more dynamic, and much more fun. Here are just a few of the impressive, inimitable women who attended Marie Claire's first-ever Power Trip.

<p>Bankable Productions Supermodel, Producer, and Founder of TYRA Beauty </p>
Kate Owen
Tyra Banks

Bankable Productions Supermodel, Producer, and Founder of TYRA Beauty

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Katia Beauchamp

Birchbox Co-Founder and CEO

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<p>Shoptiques.com Founder, CEO</p>
Kate Owen
Olga Vidisheva

Shoptiques.com Founder, CEO

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Linda Gaunt

Linda Gaunt Communications Founder/President

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<p>Big Night Restaurant Group Owner/Manager</p>
Kate Owen
Anna Weinberg

Big Night Restaurant Group Owner/Manager

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Cathy Adams

CDA Consulting Group President

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<p>Tacori SVP, Marketing & PR</p>
Kate Owen
Michelle Chila

Tacori SVP, Marketing & PR

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Jill Furman

Jill Furman Productions President

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Lauren Maillian

LMB Group Founder and CEO, star of upcoming Oxygen show Quit Your Day Job

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Marie Audier

Coach SVP, Marketing, NA Marketing & Ecommerce

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<p>Mother, Actress, Author and Entrepreneur</p>
Kate Owen
Drew Barrymore

Mother, Actress, Author and Entrepreneur

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<p>Star of ABC's <em>Black-ish</em></p>
Kate Owen
Tracee Ellis Ross

Star of ABC's Black-ish

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Jennifer Tepper

Feinstein's/54 Below Director of Programming

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Kelli Hodges

Dell Global Marketing Manager

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<p>Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and friends</p>
Kate Owen
Susan Feldman, Misha Nonoo, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Lisa Green, Julie Wainwright, Garine Zerounian

One Kings Lane Co-Founder, Misha Nonoo Founder and Creative Director, Senior Fashion Editor, Google Head of Luxury Fashion, The RealReal CEO, Giorgio Armani SVP of Communications for North America

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Maisie Ganzler

Bon Appétit Management Company Chief Strategy

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<p>ModCloth Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer </p>
Kate Owen
Susan Gregg Koger

ModCloth Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

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<p>TheLi.st Founder | Change the Ratio Founder</p>
Kate Owen
Rachel Sklar

TheLi.st Founder | Change the Ratio Founder

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Meryl Poster

Superb Entertainment President

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<p>Nestlé Marketing Manager</p>
Kate Owen
Rona Williams

Nestlé Marketing Manager

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The Jet Blue Team
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Stephanie Keller

Dell Partnership Activation and Management

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<p>Saturday Night Live Producer </p>
Kate Owen
Lindsay Shookus

Saturday Night Live Producer

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Fran Hauser

Rothenberg Ventures Partner

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<p><em>San Francisco Chronicle</em> Editor-in-Chief</p>
Kate Owen
Audrey Cooper

San Francisco Chronicle Editor-in-Chief

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<p>Chef, Atelier Crenn</p>
Kate Owen
Dominique Crenn

Chef, Atelier Crenn

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Alyssa Mastromonaco, Jennifer Justice, and Lea Goldman

COO of Vice Media, President of Cooperative Development at Superfly, and Executive Editor at Marie Claire

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<p>Wasteland Inc. Director of Operations</p>
Kate Owen
Anna Rosenblat

Wasteland Inc. Director of Operations

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<p>Caer Co-Founder, President</p>
Kate Owen
Evelyn Rusli

Caer Co-Founder, President

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<p>The Knot / XO Group Co-Founder</p>
Kate Owen
Carley Roney

The Knot / XO Group Co-Founder

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