'Selling Sunset' Season 7 Will Have a Reunion Special

Fans have two weeks to catch up on all the O Group drama.

Emma Hernan, Chrishell Stause in season 7 of Selling Sunset.
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Selling Sunset is the latest Netflix reality show to turn its reunion special into appointment viewing. Ahead of season 7's release on November 3, the streamer announced that the delicious docu-soap would release its second-ever reunion show, where the cast will answer all the burning questions fans were left with at the end of the seventh installment. In addition to the promise of catching up with the show's cast, the special will also take a cue from Love Is Blind's recent reunions and drop at a special time. (But don't worry, it won't be live.) Read on for everything we know about the episode, from when to tune in to what will be discussed.

When will the season 7 reunion air?

Netflix has revealed that the reunion special will arrive on the platform at Wednesday, November 15 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET. The specific drop time means that all Sunset fans will be able to follow along with the drama on the social media platforms of their choosing—which is half the fun of reunions.

The streaming giant dropped the news along with a first look at the cast during the special, along with the returning host, Tan France from Queer Eye. Netflix has yet to reveal when the reunion was filmed relative to the rest of season 7, but the pre-recorded show at least guarantees there won't be any tech issues à la Love Is Blind's reunion.

Which cast members will attend the season 7 reunion?

In addition to the official first-look pic, several of the show's cast members confirmed their attendance by sharing behind-the-scenes photos (and outfit pics) to Instagram, including Chrishell Stause, Mary Bonnet (née Fitzgerald), and Romain Bonnet. The confirmed attendees are Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Emma Hernan, Chelsea Lazkani, Bre Tiesi, and Nicole Young. Besides Romain (who regularly works with the brokerage), it appears that none of the cast members' significant others are likely to make an appearance (including Jason's now ex-girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk).

Another star who's noticeably absent from the reunion pic is Heather Rae El Moussa, who made a brief appearance at the start of season 7 before going on maternity leave after welcoming her son in January 2023. On the day of season 7's release, Heather announced in an Instagram post that she would no longer be part of the show. "It’s bittersweet to not be a part of SS anymore," she wrote. "But I do know that good or bad I wouldn’t change the experiences I had. Let the drama begin. I’ll be no part of it. Thank you -> next."

Neither Heather nor the Selling Sunset crew has elaborated on her exit, but hopefully all will be explained during the reunion.

Mary Fitzgerald, Nicole Young, Chrishell Stause, Chelsea Lazkani in season 7 of Selling Sunset.

(Image credit: Sara Mally/Netflix)

Will there be a 'Selling Sunset' season 8?

As of November 3, Netflix has yet to give any word regarding Sunset's future. However, it's quite likely that they're saving the big news for the reunion, so stay tuned.

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