Meghan Markle's Wimbledon Style Before and After Becoming a Royal, Compared

Meghan Markle is attending Wimbledon today with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. She also attended the event in 2016, just a month before she met Prince Harry. Here's a look at how her style compares before and after joining the royal family

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A lot has changed for Meghan Markle since her wedding to Prince Harry. She's traded in her acting career for the life of a full-time royal and now has to adhere to some strict rules when it comes to fashion and etiquette. She's also quickly become an international style icon.

Has becoming royal really changed Meghan's style though? Today marked the best possible test of that question, with Meghan attending Wimbledon with her new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

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Meghan also attended Wimbledon in June 2016, just a month before she and Harry were set up by a mutual friend. This means, we have a perfect comparison on our hands: How Meghan dressed for the same event just before meeting Harry and just after marrying him.

Here's her 2016 look:

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In 2016, Meghan wore almost all white to Wimbledon, from her hat to her shirt and pants and even her bag.

Here's what Meghan is wearing at Wimbledon today:

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This year, Meghan is wearing a blue and white striped top by Ralph Lauren and white pants. One the face of it, maybe it seems like she's changing things up, but overall, her pre- and post-royal wedding Wimbledon looks are remarkably similar. Both years, Meghan opted for a simple, classic button down shirt and plain white pants. Both years also saw her in nearly-identical sunglasses.

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The differences are fairly insignificant—sure, she's not wearing a hat this year and she opted for her signature low, messy bun instead of wearing her hair down like she did in 2016, but the overall looks are basically the same. The biggest change, of course, is that this year she was able to accessorize with her equally-stylish sister-in-law.

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