Twitter Loved Nancy Pelosi's Max Mara Coat So Much, It's Coming Back to Stores

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's Max Mara red coat went viral this week and now the fashion label is remaking the coat for 2019.

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On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the White House to discuss the border wall issue with President Donald Trump. The televised conversation quickly became heated, the discussion ended without a compromise, and the president threatened to shut down the government if his long-proposed demands for a wall aren't met.

While the debate had people fired up on Twitter, that wasn't the only thing that caught people's attention. As Pelosi left the White House, Twitter users immediately zoomed in on the sight of her red coat and became obsessed with the outerwear.

The coat went viral, spawning memes and drawings and a Twitter account called "Nancy Pelosi's Red Coat" while The Boston Globe effectively named it Big Coat Energy (a play on BDE from earlier this year).

Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, even picked up on the momentum of the situation and gave a recount of when her mom purchased the coat, writing, "This makes me smile: I remember shopping with Nancy Pelosi aka Mom for this coat at Christmastime 2012 for President Obama’s second inaugural. (The reports say it’s red but expect a dark orange.)"

The Max Mara design is from the label's fall/winter 2012 collection and though it's sold out, thanks to the fervor the outerwear caused, the brand told Glamour that they're bringing it back next year. Whether you decide to get Pelosi's dark orange/red version or purchase the outerwear in a completely different color way in 2019, just know this: It's a total power woman coat.

In the meantime, console yourself and shop these similar red outerwear selections.

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