Nicole Kidman Channels Kate Middleton at the Golden Globes

Is this proof she's a royals fan?!!?

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Tonight, actress-slash-queen Nicole Kidman walked the red carpet at the 2019 Golden Globes looking smashing in a full sequin maroon gown and equally festive disco of a ball bag. Kidman, who's nominated for best actress in the drama film category this evening, looked especially regal in the shimmering long-sleeved look—regal in a specifically royals way. A way that will be familiar to any Kate Middleton fans. Because as Nicole Kidman, stepped onto the red carpet and turned her head, it became evident that she was sporting a black velvet BOW. Yes! A bow very much like the one a maroon-clad Duchess of Cambridge wore during a solo appearance in November and then again a week later at an appearance with her husband, Prince William.




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So, what does this mean?!?! Are bows officially officially a thing now? Sure, women having been tying bows in their hair for eons, but on a red carpet, it's definitely a statement...and on a royal (worn numerous times!) it's a Thing! And...the big question: Is Nicole Kidman a royals fan?! I can picture her sitting with her stylist, debating this year's Golden Globes look and saying something along the lines of "Give me red carpet, but give me QUEEN of the red carpet. I want to look like a tall drink of wine, but make it royal. " In my mind, she's been swiping through Elizabeth Holmes' So Many Thoughts on Instagram stories, and been inspired by all the Kate Middleton bow fans out there, just like the rest of us.

76th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Bow down.

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Nicole Kidman is a gift, and her bow is perfect.

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