Kate Hudson Just Launched an Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Free-spirited, bohemian vibes await you.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Happy x Nature)

Kate Hudson can add "clothing designer" to her resumé. The actress and entrepreneur has launched her first ever ready-to-wear line, Happy x Nature (pronounced as happy by nature), which reflects her free-spirited West Coast style.

"It’s like if you write a script—you write what you know. So, I [worked with Michele Manz] to design this line for myself," Hudson tells me. "Authenticity is so important to me because I’m not going to stand behind something if I myself won’t wear it."

The eco-friendly fashion line is filled with effortless summer pieces, from an off-the-shoulder polka dot dress to a floral jumpsuit to this top and skirt situation, which Hudson tells me is perfect for Coachella (or whatever summer music festival you're off to). It's clear that Hudson is proud and stoked about her line as she moves through the racks, touching the pieces while telling me about the brand's mission towards sustainability.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Happy x Nature)

"This top is made from recycled water bottles," she says, picking up the sleeve of a garment (pictured to the left). "Did they tell you how that happens?"

I shake my head. Hudson explains that recycled plastic bottles were crushed and then turned into a fiber that became this top, as well as the jeans. She adds that Happy x Nature doesn't ship with plastic, and the brand's packaging is all bio-degradable (in 12-18 months)—even its tags are made from natural fibers. Despite being eco-friendly, the brand's prices remain at an affordable $48 to $148 range.

This commitment to sustainability even ended up in the brand's name, which Hudson's partner Danny Fujikawa helped her come up with.

"I like happy, that word makes you feel good, but I wanted it to be about what the product was," Hudson says. "I always knew we would lean towards a sustainable line and use things that were eco-friendly, so nature had to be a part of it too. So Danny just said 'happy by nature. That’s what people think you are.' Though, don’t think anyone is happy by nature. I think it’s something we all work at, but I think we all want to make nature happy."

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Happy x Nature)

With that, Hudson leads me to a sunshine-yellow dress which, to me, screams summer vibes and happiness. Hudson tells me that it's named after her mom Goldie (Hawn), who wanted an easy dress to wear on vacation. "We like to call this entire collection statement casual because we want the clothes to feel like everyday wear, but still catch other people's eyes," she says. (The strapless dress and the utilitarian denim pieces definitely caught my eyes.)

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