Prince Harry Receives a Bracelet to Give to Meghan Markle—With a Special Meaning for the New Mom

Yesterday, Prince Harry was at the first National Youth Mentoring Summit. He got a special piece of (shoppable) jewelry particularly symbolic for Meghan.

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Yesterday, Prince Harry was at the first National Youth Mentoring Summit (he went solo—Meghan Markle's still on maternity leave and only coming out sporadically in public). But, his wife wasn't far from anyone's mind, because Harry got a special piece of (shoppable) jewelry that was particularly symbolic for her.

Per People:

A lapis lazuli bracelet made by Afghan War widows in a partnership that hopes to foster hope and healing with American war widows was placed in the royal dad’s hand as he met delegates at a mentoring meeting set up in the name of his late mother, Princess Diana. “Oh, lovely,” Harry who did two tours of Afghanistan when he was in the army and army air corps, told Diana Hosford in London on Tuesday.

Lapis lazuli has been connected to royalty and can be associated with wisdom, love, and healing. So, beyond the immediate meaning of the TAPS bracelet in connection with those who made it, the choice of stone is also significant for the new mom.

The dark blue would contrast nicely with the turquoise jewelry that Meghan's been wearing lately, both at the official introduction of Archie (necklace) and her appearance at the Yankees vs. Red Sox game (earrings). According to the Daily Mail, turquoise represents healing, so this is also a particularly significant stone for Meghan. According to Heather Askinoise, co-founder of Energy Muse, "Turquoise is the perfect crystal for a new mothers as it is said to bring blessings to those who wear it."

Here's a closeup of Meghan's earrings at the game:

And her turquoise necklace at the birth announcement:

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Pose With Their Newborn Son

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With all that said, though, Meghan definitely wore that necklace at Christmas in 2018, so I don't want to read too much into the "secret" messages of the jewelry. Plus, she didn't wear turquoise at Trooping the Colour, instead choosing to put the focus on her new third ring and her redesigned engagement ring. Either way, she's got a great eye—and now she has a new piece to add to her collection!

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