You Can Buy Meghan Markle's Christmas Jewelry

The delicate jewelry that accompanied Meghan Markle's look on Christmas morning was subtle and simple. You can shop the Jennifer Meyer and Anita Ko pieces here.

Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William (that's the Fab Four to you) attended Christmas services at the Sandringham estate. Dressed in head-to-toe navy (opens in new tab), which we now know was almost entirely designed by Victoria Beckham, Meghan was both fashion-forward and also effortlessly demure. The delicate jewelry that accompanied look was similarly subtle and simple, a style that the duchess and mom-to-be is a huge fan of in general. First ID'ed in Us Weekly, now we know exactly what brand they are (opens in new tab), and how much it'll set you back to get them.

First, the dainty gold necklace: it's actually got turquoise stones in it, which is a surprising but lovely contrast with the navy. By Jennifer Meyer, the "Mini Bezel Dangle Necklace" is 18 karat gold.

The earrings are by Anita Ko, and even though they're small, they pack quite a punch. The blingy hoops are .17 carats total, and come in white, yellow, rose, and black gold. It's a little hard to tell, but it appears Meghan opted for yellow gold to complement her necklace.

Meghan tends to favor delicate jewels like these—you'll rarely see the duchess in something bold or chunky—and typically reaches for the same beloved brands, including Catbird and Missoma (opens in new tab). We love that, even in the most conservative of venues, she's always letting her unique sartorial spirit shine.

In case you're wondering, the Victoria Beckham dress is $1,690 (sold out), the coat is $3,085 (not sold out! (opens in new tab)), the boots are $1,715 (almost sold out (opens in new tab)), and the top-handle bag is $2,125, for a grand total of more than $8,500. And that's not even including the $435 Awon Golding feather fascinator! Thank goodness for Prince Charles' clothing allowance (opens in new tab).

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