Celine Dion's Fiery Heels Are All I Want for Christmas

Yesterday on Instagram, Celine Dion brought the heat with fiery shoes as she posed in front of a Christmas tree. Custom-made for the star, they depict a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Celine Dion, my hero, just posted a fabulous photo yesterday that's festive, fashionable, and fabulous all at once. She's posing underneath a Christmas tree with what might be the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen. They look like her feet are on fire, but in a cool way (you get it). Dion's account captioned the photo, "Is your Christmas tree decorated yet ? 😉🎄- Team Celine." The picture was taken by Pepe Muñoz and should totally be the holiday card she sends out to all her friends.

In case you, like me, got all excited and even pulled out your credit card just in case (not sorry), they are custom-made for the singer (sob). Dion tagged set designer Caitlin Doherty, who also posted a close-up on the beauties, writing, "New 🔥 shoes for Celine Dion! Commissioned by Official Scotiabank Arena, Creative direction Wilson Duong, Christine ‘Steen’ Clores." A closeup of a placard of the shoes explains that they're “a tribute to Céline Dion and an artistic expression of her passion for fashion and a metaphor that represents her journey,” apparently. “The symbolism…resembles themes both Céline Dion and a Phoenix have in common, transformation and rebirth.” 

Close up, they look even cooler (a phoenix rising out of flames! I get it now), although I will admit that in Dion's photo I might have initially thought they looked like a rooster on the back (Page Six notes that the shoes are drawing "chicken" comparisons, lol.). I maintain they're still stunning. Also, Dion's song from Deadpool 2 was titled "Ashes," so, again, makes sense!

Here's the post:

And here's a closeup:

I have never wanted a pair of shoes so much in my life, and that is saying something.

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