Meghan Markle's Beloved DL1961 Jeans Are Available at Nordstrom

They're sustainable, too!

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Meghan Markle loves her DL1961 jeans—we saw her wear them to a recent trip to Luminary Bakery, and she also donned them in a 2019 trip to South Africa. She's even been seen wearing the jeans since moving to Vancouver Island, so, like, they are still very much beloved.

Well, great news, because you can nab your very own pair—designed to make everyone look amazing, no matter their shape—but (per usual) they'll go quick, so if you want your own, don't delay. (Seriously, I did that with Meghan's Le Specs sunglasses restock and regretted it forever.)

Denim is hugely environmentally taxing, usually, using thousands of gallons of water in the production process and often utilizing toxic chemicals. The average pair of DL1961 jeans uses less than 10 gallons of water.

They have a "vertically integrated, self-powered facility" with efficient machinery and use clean dyes, water-efficient botanical fibers, and ethically sourced, organic cotton (which is less taxing on the environment than regular cotton, FYI).

So the fact that they're low-rise makes some people annoyed, I guess, since that style has historically been tough for certain body types to wear. I myself usually hate low-rise jeans with a deep, abiding passion since I was in middle school (I just DO NOT have the hips for them, they end up around my knees).

But, full disclosure, I've actually tried the Emma and she is glorious. I can't stress enough how soft the jeans are, and they are stretchy and comfy and somehow magically stay where they're supposed to. I can totally see why Meghan likes them so much. It's like living in PJs but they're outside-appropriate!

The lighter blue is available at Nordstrom (not for long, I can pretty much guarantee) and the darker Albany blue is available at Zappos. (You can a Zappos discount code, too.) DL1961 has more colors available, but check to see if they have it in your size. You can use one of our Nordstrom promo codes at checkout, too.

Swipe to see Meghan's jeans at Luminary:

Here she is in South Africa:

And then go grab one of your own. I promise you will love it.

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