Celine Dion Wore a Skirt and Wide-Legged Pants in a Bold, Head-to-Toe Hot Pink Ensemble

The legend turned the sidewalks of NYC into her own personal runway. 

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 07, 2020
(Image credit: Gotham)
  • On Saturday afternoon, Grammy-winning artist and living icon Celine Dion stepped out in New York City wearing a particularly bold outfit.
  • The singer's ensemble was Barbie doll hot pink from head to toe and included both a pleated midi-length skirt and a pair of very wide-legged trousers.
  • Dion strutted through NYC in the look, posing like she was on her own personal catwalk.

Celine Dion continues to be a bold, 24/7, one-woman runway show.

On Saturday afternoon, the Grammy-winner was photographed strutting her stuff on the streets of New York City—and yes, "strutting" is the best word to use here. Dion stepped out in a head-to-toe hot (hot, hot) pink ensemble and owned it like a living, breathing, epic ballad belting Barbie doll.

Here's an inventory of the hot pink pieces in Dion's outfit:

  • One hot pink, button-down top
  • One hot pink blazer jacket with a unique, cutout lapel (which, it's worth mentioning, she wore draped artfully over her shoulders)
  • One hot pink, pleated midi skirt
  • One pair of hot pink, wide-legged trousers
  • One hot pink clutch

If you did a double-take at the inclusion of both a hot pink, pleated skirt and a pair of hot pink, wide-legged trousers, rest assured it is not a typo. Only Celine Dion could pull off this combo in this color, but put it off she did. Behold:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 07, 2020

(Image credit: Gotham)

Not only did Dion pull the look off, she fully owned it. And she knew that she owned it, if the runway-worthy poses she kept striking in the candid shots are any indication:

Pink, Clothing, Street fashion, Fashion, Red, Outerwear, Magenta, Snapshot, Coat, Trench coat,

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Pink, Street fashion, Clothing, Fashion, Red, Magenta, Snapshot, Outerwear, Coat, Footwear,

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 07, 2020

(Image credit: Gotham)

Dion did wear at least two pieces that weren't hot pink: Her sunglasses, which appear to be white (or possible pale pink—but that could just be the reflection of the glorious hot pink of the rest of the ensemble) and her thin, silver belt.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 07, 2020

(Image credit: Gotham)

Bowing down. To this look. To Celine Dion in general. To turning sidewalks into runways. To the total package.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - March 7, 2020

(Image credit: James Devaney)

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