Behind the Scenes of My "It Gets Better" PSA

During New York Fashion Week, my editor Joanna Coles and I each filmed PSAs for the "It Gets Better" campaign, hosted by super-stylist Derek Warburton (a.k.a. Derek Fabulous). The point of the campaign is to get the message out to high schoolers and college students struggling with bullying that things will get better and that there is no reason to take your life. Each one of us is on this planet for a reason, meant to do something that no one else but you can do.

So, have I been bullied? No. But have I felt sad and trapped, like nothing is going to change, that it will never get better? Definitely. We all have. And, as many of us have learned, it does get better. So watch the poignant (and pretty hilarious!) behind-the-scenes footage of my shoot. But more importantly, go to the "It Gets Better" official website, and see the inspirational videos that people around the world have posted.

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