Eco-Chic Look of the Week

I love this sustainable Project Alabama dress because it's always cute. By that I mean: wear it with flats, with heels, on the beach, or at a dinner, and you'll always look good, no questions asked! I plan on wearing it with a pair of Melissa flats while browsing the cute ceramic shops in Seville (Seville is known for its incredible ceramics and textiles). Then for evening, I'll throw on the pictured Olsenhaus shoes with a white pashmina and voila! I'm ready for dinner!

Dutzi designer Ariane Dutzi has a passion for fashion and for the environment. So, after years of working as a fashion editor in both Paris and New York, she decided to design her own line of sustainable bags. The collection is made of 90 percent recycled materials — this particular bag consists of recycled vintage burlap — and all the pieces are handmade by local artisans in and around the Tulum area. Next New Year's, I will definitely be sporting one of her beach bags!

Even though I'm short, I never wear heels. They are just too painful, especially when you're running around to market appointments! Luckily, a good compromise has always been wedges. They add some height but are still comfortable, and I'm loving the nautical feel of these Olsenhaus shoes. These vegan wedges dress up this particular frock but can also be more casual if paired with some cropped jeans and a cute tee. Versatility is key when you are packing for travel!

Anyway, I hope you like the look, and I can't wait to share pictures from my trip!

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