Prada Power: Iconic Label Develops New Tweed

Staying one step ahead of the crowd, Prada has developed a new tweed, with a rougher than usual texture.

Prada is known for its ability to push boundaries. Each season designer Miuccia Prada delivers a collection that is at once innovative and groundbreaking—she sets the trends. And not only is this achieved through design, accessories, runway sets and advertisements, but through innovative practices with fabric. In fact, in today's modern world, where runway designs are copied and reproduced by mass market companies faster than the real designers can make them, fabric is a major factor in ensuring the quality of luxury products is not lost.

For fall/winter 2013, Prada took a step in that direction, constructing their own rough-textured tweed. Developed though extensive research and meticulous workmanship—the tweed is created by cutting, boiling, warping, drying, pruning, steam ironed, AND THEN checked by a specialist personnel—the fabric looks much older than it is, but feels very new. Used to create several looks in the f/w 2013 show, the textured tweed is also featured on two of the bowling bag styles available in store now.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Prada)