The 16 Best Items From Anthropologie's Cyber Monday Sale

With an extra 50% off all sale items, you're in for a thrill.

Denim Wide-Leg Short-Sleeved Jumpsuit
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

What is it about Anthropologie? Their well-curated items have always been covetable, but when the Cyber Monday sales roll around, I, for one, become downright feral in my need. From clothes to housewares and their many beautiful baubles, Anthropologie has long been a staple in my life—even if I only aspire to afford their gorgeous wedding dresses and hand carved wooden headboards.

Surely, though, the sales can't be that good, can they? Anthropologie can run the gamut from "oh! that's a good deal!" to "oh my god that coat is two months' rent," which is exactly why I'm hitting refresh on their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals every chance I get. From well-made staples to extravagant splurges, we've rounded up some of our favorite—and perhaps, a bit fleeting—deals from the store that dreams are made of: would you like to take a look? 

You should, because Anthro is having a sitewide 30 percent off sale, with items already on sale getting an extra 50 percent off when you put them in your cart. That' much money saved, you should maybe get yourself a little something extra to celebrate.

Alicia Lutes
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