The 24 Best Silver Shoes Tap Into the Daytime Disco Trend

Indulge in fashion's magpie moment.

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My favorite fashion phenomenon can be summed up in two simple words: daytime disco. Seen most recently in summer 2023's trends, it's a look and attitude that rebukes the notion that high-shine staples are solely for nights out. Daytime disco means wearing metallic trousers or a bedazzled blazer into the office. It's piling on shine and shimmer for morning coffee runs purely for the fun of it all. The best silver shoes also epitomize the concept. A basic black ballet flat offers sleekness and wearability—but one done in silver glitter? Now that's a bonafide party starter.

"[Silver] is a real feel-good color, so it's quite emotive," says Cassie Smart, the Head of Womenswear at MATCHES. She believes the shade has become a front-running shoe trend because it offers a straightforward statement—a chrome loafers delivers a clear message: you're put-together and polished but certainly know how to let loose. Smart adds, too, that the silver shoe trend has impressive longevity, which is more to be said than other recent footwear fads (mesh flats, I love you, but you certainly won't last come winter). "The versatility of silver compliments many styling silhouettes and works throughout the year and for different occasions," she explains. 

In short, if you want to add more look-at-me-flair into your closet, a silver shoe is a trend that's of the moment but also has legs—meaning you won't regret your newly purchased mirror mules or flashy sneakers once next season starts. Ahead, you'll find the best silver shoes in line with a daytime disco mood broken down into key silhouettes. Plus, more insight from Smart on which styles to shop to master the magpie-approved moment.

Silver Sneakers

"We are seeing silver trend engage in the more casual lifestyle aesthetic of shoes and fashion brands connect with a high/low dressing attitude," Smart shares. "Highlights this summer have been Adidas x Wales Bonner silver Samba, which sold out within a couple of hours on MATCHES, and Cecilie Bahnsen's collaboration with Asics, which also sold out on site, but within the first hour."

Silver Flats

Ballet flats, as you likely know, are experiencing a surge in interest at the moment. They were trending this spring, they're trending now, and they will likely be trending this fall, too. To help stand out from the pack, Smart encourages you to try a pair in shining silver. In particular, she shouts out the flat Mary Janes styles from Le Monde Beryl and Ayede.

Silver Heels

Heels, whether a classic slingback or lofty platform, offer a baseline statement due to their—duh!—height. But let's push it a bit further: why not take your look to ever higher statements height and opt for a silver heel? Bottega Veneta's Rocket Mule, which Dua Lipa wore to the Barbie premiere, and Loeffler Randall's stacked Platform Sandals are on my personal to-shop list.

Silver Sandals

You already own one (or, let's be honest, several) pairs of black sandals. So let's kick things up a notch with a silver style. Larroudé's strappy sandal balances a simple design with a showy look, making it a perfect blend of both minimalism and maximalism. Smart has her favorite, too: "Birkenstock's Arizona in silver hit a really high sell-through within a month on MATCHES," she says, classifying the chrome-ified iteration of the granola slip-on as a smart buy this season.

Silver Boots

Let's talk silver boots. Ankle or knee-high, for riding or clubbing—you truly have a gamut of options to choose from depending on your closet and lifestyle. You can even add a silver rain boot to your collection—because nothing makes a gloomy day a bit more joyful than some disco-worthy shine.

Silver Loafers

A bright silver loafer epitomizes the concept of classic with a twist. Smart shouts out Prada's lug-soled style, while I personally recommend Tory Burch's Ballet Loafer in light-catching chrome (I wear them multiple times a week and, without fail, receive compliments each time). But, really, you can pick any pair and the effect is the same: refined prepster with a party spirit.

Meet the Fashion Expert

Cassie Smart
Cassie Smart

Cassie Smart is Head of Womenswear Buying at MATCHES and has been working with the company for over 13 years. Working closely with Chief Commercial Officer, Carl Tallents, she heads up the womenswear buy on the footwear, bag and jewellery, working to pioneer a curated edit which has played a significant part in the growth of the business.

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