Dakota Johnson's Pinstripe Power Suit Flips the 'Mob Wife' Trend on Its Head

Not the wife, but the don (!) himself.

dakota johnson in a pinstripe suit
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Dakota Johnson has made it clear that she's not the one to mess around with—I mean, who can forget her subtle bite back at Ellen Degeneres nearly four years ago ("That's not the truth, Ellen")? But even before Johnson's most-memed moment, she's long solidified herself as tolerating very little BS, whether that's on or off camera. The actress' latest appearance further asserts herself as no-nonsense type of gal: Johnson wore a powerful pinstriped suit, which flipped TikTok's "Mob Wife" trend on its head.

Coined by creator and self-proclaimed "mob wife CEO" Sarah Arcuri, the aesthestic references in-your-face animal prints, fur coats, flashy jewelry, loads of leather. The look, as seen in our favorite mafia-related shows and movies, is very maximalist and very luxurious. Johnson, however, nonchalantly contradicts the TikTok trend. If anything, the actress just made it clear that if she were to ever cross into mobster territory, she wouldn't be on the sidelines. Forget the wife—Johnson's wants to be the don himself.

On Tuesday, the 34-year-old was photographed leaving her hotel in New York City, en route to rehearsals ahead of hosting this weekend's Saturday Night Live episode. The rain-soaked streets didn't stop her from channeling "big boss energy," though; She was captured wearing a head-to-toe look from Bottega Veneta. The gravitas of her outfit comes from her pinstriped suit, which featured the brand's wool shirt and long loose-fitted trousers.

dakota johnson bottega veneta pinstripe suit 2024

(Image credit: Backgrid)

For outwear, she opted for a subdued quiet luxury-esque black wool coat by the Italian fashion house. She finished her ensemble with Bottega Veneta's Andiamo bag in a red woven leather and classic acetate cat eye sunglasses. Her platform leather boots were by The Row.

dakota johnson pinstripe suit

(Image credit: Backgrid)

Now, of course, we don't think Johnson is one to indulge in TikTok fashion fads, but we can't help but notice there's something about her look that could definitely fit in with the whole "mobster" uniform. While much of fashion's current obsession lies in the "mob wife," someone who exudes unapologetic boldness and extravagance, Johnson's crisp yet powerful look completely flips that narrative. It's almost as if she's evoking that loud energy of a cigar-smoking gangstress without all the "boom" (Think, less Carmela and more Tony from The Sopranos).

Johnson's Bottega two-piece is the perfect outfit inspiration if you're looking to participate in the emerging trend in a different way. Maybe ditch the fur coat and go for a power suit—no organized crime necessary!

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