Celebrities Wearing the Most Uncomfortable-Looking Shoes Ever

So, basically every pair of heels Lady Gaga has worn.

jennifer hudson
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What's that old axiom? Ah, yes, the cuter the shoe, the harder it is to walk in. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna feel your pain—literally. Click through, ahead, to see your favorite stars wearing some of the world's most fashionable, but also most uncomfortable-looking shoes to exist.

"Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
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At the 2017 Met Gala honoring Rei Kawakubo, our queen Ri showed up looking amazing—but we know these shoes were killer. I mean, just look at the wraps on these things.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and the City star wore a pair of Louis Vuitton lion heels to the film presentation of I Don't Know How She Does It at the Ritz Carlton hotel—and really, we don't know how she does it wearing those pumps. Wondering what's it's like to walk around like a lioness? Uncomfortable.

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Lady Gaga

In 2011, the queen of wearing uncomfortable shoes wore 24-inch platform...heels?...to the CFDA Awards.

4th Hollywood Beauty Awards - Arrivals
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Britney Spears

At the fourth-annual Hollywood Beauty Awards in L.A., the singer wore a dress that gave us major "Toxic" music video vibes. Unfortunately, it seems some of her toes didn't quite get the memo when it came to putting on the shoes (check out that poor pinkie toe!), but we've all been there at some point.

The Cinema Society and Dolce and Gabbana Host A Screening of "Filth And Wisdom" - Inside Arrivals
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When the queen of statements attended a screening of Filth and Wisdom in October 2008, the only suitable shoe choice would, of course, be Chanel pistol shoes. We would ask, "Why?" but the only fitting response would be, "Madonna."

25th Annual ELLE Women In Hollywood Celebration - Arrivals
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Sarah Paulson

The American Horror Story actress wowed us at the 2018 Elle Women in Hollywood event with all of her accomplishments, but we still feel for her. We've all been that person wearing a shoe that your foot is a little too wide for.

"America's Got Talent" Season 10 - August 11, 2015
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Heidi Klum

At the America's Got Talent premiere in 2015, we gushed over how amazing the supermodel's legs look, but we also gawked at the fact that her toes were hanging over the edge of her shoe—and each other.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - May 10, 2018
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Jessica Simpson

In a mix of what seems to be ABBA band member-meets-cool mom vibes, Jessica Simpson's metallic platform boots are the statement shoe of our dreams. We just gotta know if the pain was worth the fashion statement.

60th Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
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Christina Hendricks

Mad Men and Good Girls actress Christina Hendricks wowed the Golden Globes carpet in 2008 in this emerald dress—but with gold jeweled shoes that look a little too small. Regardless, I would still like a pair.

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RiRi posted a picture on Instagram wearing a pair of rhinestoned slouchy boots straight from the YSL 2017 runway. Each boot was reportedly crafted with 3,000 stones, and altogether the pair of not-very-comfy-looking shoes cost a whopping $10,000. So, I guess, beauty is pain and money.

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Nicki Minaj

In 2012, seasoned heel-walker Nicki Minaj wore a head-to-toe pink ensemble, complete with pale pink Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps to promote her new fragrance. The peep-toe style looks to be squeezing her toes together, and the platform is nearly five inches!

jennifer hudson
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Jennifer Hudson

The singer walked the 2014 People's Choice Award red carpet in a pair of strappy sandal heels that were noticeably crushing her pinky toes. And it looks like there is barely any sole to support her feet. Yikes!

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Angelina Jolie

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin created a pair of heels that were inspired by Angelina Jolie's role in the Disney movie Maleficent, and she wore them to a London photo call for the movie. The heel is sculpted to look like one of of Maleficent's horns.

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Bella Hadid

Just a few hours after she rocked a dominatrix-y, latex gown and 10-pound veil at the Met Gala, Bella Hadid showed up at the after party in a pair of open-toed mules that appear incredibly hard to walk in. It looks like Hadid is scrunching her toes in an effort to keep them from sliding off.

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Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice had a small shoe mishap at the Met Gala in 2018. Her heels were so slim, one got caught in a street grate. That's one way to twist an ankle in a pair of heels.

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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton has also experienced some heel difficulties. Though her shoes don't look that uncomfortable to wear, the position her foot got caught in does. If anything, Kate is the queen of heel-wearing—she can even throw a pair on hours after giving birth.

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Kim Kardashian

While she was in the final trimester with her and Kanye West's first daughter, North, Kim Kardashian wore a pair of very high heels with with criss-crossing straps to promote the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. Later, when she took the shoes off, she revealed just how badly the straps were cutting off her circulation.

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Lady Gaga

Yes, here's Lady Gaga again because the Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes she wore to the 2010 VMAs look extremely painful to put on, let alone walk in. You know when ballerinas wear pointe shoes and dance on their toes? That's what we imagine wearing these heels would be like. Also, let it be noted that these heels are almost one-foot tall.

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Daphne Guinness

Fashion designer Daphne Guinness loves to wear Gaga-like shoes. Her sparkly, purple boots are noticeably missing one important part: a heel. Yes, Guinness actually walked around in a pair of shoes that was all platform, no heel, which looks extremely difficult if you ask us.

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Aubrey Plaza

When Aubrey Plaza looked back at the camera, it became very noticeable that her heels didn't fit. But apparently a lot of celebrities choose to wear shoes that are just a little too big to help prevent blisters and to stop their feet from swelling. Walking around in shoes that might fall off sounds pretty uncomfortable, but swollen feet and blisters do too.

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Rashida Jones

Poor Rashida Jones' pinky toes didn't quite fit properly in the shoes she wore to the Film Independent Spirt Awards in 2013. Instead of wearing shoes that were too big, it seems like she walked out in a pair that was too small.

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Julianne Moore

Here, at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, Julianne Moore's heels fit so poorly that somehow her pinky toe managed to slip out of the metallic silver straps.

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Lady Gaga

You had to have known Lady Gaga was going to be in here not once, not twice, but three times (at least). Who could forget when the singer attended the 2010 VMAs wrapped completely in raw meat? It doesn't seem like the most breathable material, so surely her meat-and-butcher's twine platforms weren't comfortable.

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Alysia Reiner

The Orange Is the New Black star rolled up to the Young Hollywood Awards in 2014 wearing a pair of strappy heels that looked like they were squishing her pinky toes. Ouch!

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Holly Madison

The New York Times-bestselling author and former Playmate wore a pair of pumps to a dog show in 2013, just a few months after giving birth. If you look closely, her very high Charlotte Olympia “Cherie” heels are sculpted to looks like pink poodles, which is cute, but they don't look too fun to walk around in.

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Jennifer Lawrence

During The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in New York, Jennifer Lawrence wore a pair of heels that were too big, and it looks like her feet were sliding around in the shoes. That's probably not good for the ankles.

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Kim Kardashian

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star debuted a pair of thigh-high, clear, plastic boots in 2016. The see-through boots were from Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 collection. While she might be supporting (or promoting) her husband's brand, she's not making us think these shoes are easy to walk in.

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba took a misstep while attending a Dior show during Paris Fashion Week in 2011, maybe due to the fact that the heel of the shoe appears to have very little support. The design of her white open-toed pumps seems very easy to twist an ankle in.

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Katy Perry

Can you find Katy Perry's pinky toes? Nope, because they aren't visible in the shoes she wore to the 2013 MTV EMAs in Amsterdam. That just seems downright painful.

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Lady Gaga

Here she is again for a fourth (and final!) time because we couldn't not acknowledge how awful these heels look to walk around in. If anyone can manage, it's Lady Gaga.

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