21 Flannel Shirt Outfits That Feel Fresh and Fun

"What, this old thing? I've had it for years."

flannel shirt outfit
(Image credit: Christian Vierig / Getty Images)

The flannel shirt isn't just a closet staple—it's also my default shirt for fall. I know I'm not alone here. Perhaps you’re like my boyfriend and own about 20 different flannels (that are all somehow from Costco—no judgment, babe). For years, I've been buttoning up my flannels and tucking them into jeans or letting it all hang out and leaving them unbuttoned over a t-shirt. But, truth be told, I’m a little bored with these outfits, and it's time to amp up my fall-back, fall look. So, after some street style scouring, I've uncovered 16 fresh ways to rework and accessorize your flannels. Just pick your favorite, below.

Taylor Ayers

Taylor Ayers is a fashion editor at Marie Claire, covering the new editorial fashion trends, looks, and contemporary styles.