Hill House's Big Sale Is Here

Indulge your Nap Dress fantasies ASAP!

Hill House
(Image credit: Hill House)

Great news on this Monday: Hill House—the brand responsible for everyone from Princess Eugenie to the girl sitting next to you at brunch's favorite comfy dress—is having their annual sale, and it's good. In addition to the Nap Dress, aka the perfect house dress you can actually leave the house in, being marked down, you can also find their uber cozy bathrobes and luxurious sheet sets on sale for up to 50-percent off. 

Since the Nap Dress is Hill House's most coveted item (and the one that seems to consistently sell out the fastest!), the fact that they're included in the sale is pretty huge, though not every print or fabrication is marked down. The newest additions to the Nap Dress family, like the velvet Ellie Dress and navy brocade, are still full price but the vintage floral prints in both red and green are 30-percent off and still in stock in full size runs.

Below, find our top picks from the sale including, of course, our fave marked down Nap Dresses (while they're still in stock!), plus some must-haves for anyone looking to get an early start on holiday shopping for friends and family. Bon chance!