Katie Holmes Wears a Green Sweater, Single-Handedly Launching the Pistachio Trend

Barbie pink and cherry red, meet your match.

Katie Holmes in a green sweater, green pants, and black jacket
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Fashion is often a practice of monotony. Crafting your personal style is an endless, repetitive pursuit, but with it, you learn what you're most comfortable wearing. Over time and with practice, you learn what feels the most you. However, there's no harm in looking to the trend cycle for some guidance on your style quest. For instance, color trends—like booming Barbie pink and cherry red help—can break you out of your trusted fashion routines. And based on our findings, there's a new color trend on the block that'll give you a spark of inspiration. As evidenced by Katie Holmes' light green sweater, the next popular shade is creamy pistachio green.

We caught a glimpse of the soon-to-be-everywhere shade when Holmes took a walk around downtown New York City (if there's one thing the Dawson’s Creek actress loves, it's a good ol' NYC stroll) when attending a Perrier-Jouët activation earlier this week. Her mint-green knit featured a ribbed collar and was a classic crewneck silhouette. She layered her green sweater under a buttery-leather long-line coat and styled it with wide-leg, white cut-off jeans and matching white squared-toe boots. To top off the look, she opted for 70s-style accessories like a beanie and large sunset-gradient aviator sunglasses. Is '70s fashion the next trend? Well, that's a question for an entirely different article.

Katie Holmes in a green sweater, green pants, and black leather jacket

(Image credit: Getty Images)

What better sign to switch up your winter color palette than Holmes’ latest ensemble? Pastels have a bad reputation for being welcomed only in the spring, but here, Holmes’ minty knit makes a convincing case for winter wear. And the actress is someone to trust regarding the color wheel. Holmes' choice to reach for a green sweater is hardly a surprise, considering her love of colorful knits. Earlier in the year, she rocked a chunky rainbow-colored sweater that was the epitome of dopamine dressing.

The Spring 2024 collections also prove that the color will be a popular one once the season hits. Pistachio-colored dresses were seen at Ulla Johnson, Erdem, and Brandon Maxwell. Moreover, Pantone also predicts the color as one to pay attention to. Does pastel-y pistachio feel somewhat of an odd and out-of-left-field choice for a winter color trend? Definitely, but then again, that's the fun of fashion, right? Like any trend, pistachio green is exciting, new, and can be what you make of it.

Ready to take a stab at styling pistachio green? Pairing it with winter whites like Holmes is an easy way to start. Below, you'll find a minty green sweater and white jeans inspired by Holmes' look to shop.

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