Project Runway Episode 4 Recap: Seth Aaron's Take

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

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We are beyond thrilled to have former winner of Project Runway, Seth Aaron Henderson writing recaps of every episode for us each week. And be sure to check out his groovy iPad covers at and his collections at

Alright week 4, and after coming off the wacky challenge of last week, the designers are presented with an amazing one. They have the opportunity to design for our own Nina Garcia. And not only will Mama Nina be wearing your design, it will also be on top of NYC cab billboards and in a Marie Claire spread. WOW!!!!!!! This is the first time ever this has been introduced on the show and I am super excited and I'm not even competing! Still knowing Nina, I can't help myself and start designing in my head as if I'm sitting right there. Nina is simple with an edge, classic lines but modern sophisticated with innovation. Oh yeah, and very opinionated. This should be a somewhat straightforward task for our new, up and coming designers, don't you think? They see her as a judge every week and what she dislikes about design. They see what she wears. But most important of all, what she does NOT! Also we have an extra little snack for our fun Thursday night: The judging panel has grown. Michael, Heidi and Nina are joined by Marie Claire's Joanna Coles and Kerry Washington. Oh boy!

The challenge has been given and the workroom is soundless. Then the door makes that dreadful sound and in walks Mama Garcia escorted by Papa Gunn. The kids are told that they will meet with Nina individually to present their design and work it out. This was interesting to see and frankly I'm worried for some, but overall I thought it went well. So the kids are off to Mood and by now I would think they know the store, even without all the fricking signs saying where things are! Haha. Back in the workroom, some kids are lacking in fabric. Why? I remember in my season I always bought enough fabric to make five different looks. Options! Options! You can never have too much fabric! Moos is the candy store for a designer and with the budget given there are no excuses for not being successful. Like Tim says, it starts at Mood and ends at Mood. This seems to be the case with this challenge. When Nina re-visits the workroom and asks many designers, is there another option? Every last one of them should have said: "Yes! Of course there is, Nina!" Ha, but they didn't. Silly kids. Enough of this, let's talk runway.


I loved this dress! It was well designed and executed, bold in color and graphic. But given who it was designed for, maybe not right. More appropriate for Heidi I think. .


Just too simple. It was a very nice little black dress, but didn't have any wow factor. Looked like off-the-rack and lacked in the edge department.


I liked the overall idea here. I mean it was alright. Some of the lines interest me and it was tailored, but IDK?


Not bad, just not right? It was safe for me.


Now this dress was superb! Very well thought out and I felt Becky used this fabric in the best way: innovative, smart and clean. This could have been in the top for me.


Nailed it!!!!!! She listened to Nina, took a risk with the gold fabric which could have looked cheap, but pulled off a very modern, expensive look. I really, really liked this look and think the judges made the right winning pick. Nice Kimberly!


Yuck!!!!!! Was this a sack challenge? I didn't hear that at all. But that is exactly what she turned out. An ill-fitting sack. This was who was going home in my book.


Tastefully done. I must admit I was worried for her with all that gold and Nina, but in the manner of the famous Tim phrase "Make It Work!", she did indeed!


Just too dated and loud. All I wrote was "Knots Landing".


Just f***ing strange. I don't see her growing as a designer on the show. Guess that's why she went home. One thing I have to say: At least she tried, unlike Cecelia.


Sh*tttttttty execution! WTF is up dude?


Hate it! That's all. It speaks for itself.


Super nice, clean and mod. This dress was splendid. Possibly in the top?

Well once again, that's a wrap recap! Thanks for stopping by. PS: Nina, I will design for you. Call me. Haha!

Awesomely Yours,


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