You Must See Everything Taylor Swift Is Wearing on Tour

Rainbow sequins, beaded fringe, and thigh-high boots.

Taylor Swift
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Blake Lively may have masterfully worn 10 looks in one day, but Taylor Swift did the same thing in a matter of hours. BOOM.

Earlier this week, Swift kicked off her 1989 World Tour in Tokyo and made our sartorial dreams come true while she was at it. Her onstage wardrobe gave us everything we've come to expect from the ladylike-cool star—retro silhouettes, crop tops, matching sets, and shimmering embellishments—but she also threw us a few fashion curve-balls, like a leather catsuit, thigh-high boots à la Pretty Woman, and even a light-up confection. (Eat your heart out, Katy Perry). Here, find an outfit-by-outfit breakdown of every single look we've seen so far.

1. The Pink Fringe Dress

Since the 1989 tour began back in May, we've loved everything Swift has donned for her star-studded performances. This said, we couldn't help but get excited about the first new piece Swift has introduced since hitting the road.

In keeping with fringey-embellished vibe of the rest of her wardrobe, she stepped out on the stage in Shanghai donning a powdery pink, beaded fringe mini-dress that we are suh-wooning over.

2. A Rainbow Fish Bomber Jacket

Taylor Swift

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With its rich jewel tones and sequin detailing, we can't imagine the inspiration behind this zip-up bomber is anything but the childhood storybook classic The Rainbow Fish. She pairs it with a black beaded crop top and a high-waisted, belly-button-covering flared skirt that's equally as a shiny.

3. Glam Rock Ankle Boots

Taylor Swift

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Swift takes a page from David Bowie's book by pairing her newly-minted stage uniform—the black beaded crop top and flare skirt—with a glittery pair of lace-up platform ankle boots.

4. A Sequin Shorts Suit

Taylor Swift

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Even Swift's most buttoned-up look of the tour is sparkly! She pairs this immaculately-tailored sequin shorts suit with matching ankle boots.

5. A Jeweled Bodysuit

Swift matched her Victoria's Secret Angel BFF Karlie Kloss, who wore a similar jeweled bodysuit to parade down the runway as Swift performed. It's also worth nothing that this naked-ish number bears a striking resemblance to the risqué, side-butt baring Met Gala looks donned by Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé. (T-Swift, so hot right now.)

6. An LED Crop Top and Skirt

It would appear that Swift wanted to give a nod to LED wristbands, which flash along to the rhythms of her 1989 jams. She loved them so much, she even handed out to the entire audience! For the rest of her non-Lite-Brite look, she opted for this light-up pink frock that matches her umbrella-toting backup dancers.

7. A Leather Catsuit

Two words: Meeeee..ooowww. Swift surely got tongues wagging in this second skin leather catsuit—and, is that a pair of bants we spy?

8. A Marilyn Monroe-esque Onsie

A testament to her propensity for retro style, Swift channels Monroe in The Seven Year Itch wearing this white plunging halter playsuit with swinging beaded fringe.

9. Thigh-High Boots

Swift ups the bombshell factor of her glitter-trimmed white matching set by pairing it with thigh-high boots, complete with a pinup-staple: the garter belt.

10. A Green Flapper Dress

She shakes it off by channeling her inner-flapper in this bright green, beaded fringe romper topped off with a waist-cinching belt. We're dying to see this thing in motion.

11. A Shimmery Matching Set

Swift has proven she's nothing if not a fan of crop tops, high-waisted bottoms, and embellishments. So, this sequin trimmed crop top and shorts are essentially her version of the LBD.

12. A Bejeweled Bra Top

Worn with high-waisted cigarette pants, she amps up the classic crop top with a royal blue hue and jewel detailing.

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