Kate Spade (the Actual Person) Is Designing a New Shoe Line

Not to be confused with Kate Spade the brand. Which is...confusing. Whatever: New shoes!

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Don't call it a comeback...she's been here for years.

After departing her eponymous label in 2006, Kate Spade—yes, the designer herself—will be returning to the industry with an accessories collection, according to WWD. Hitting shelves during the holiday season, the line will feature mostly shoes, but handbags as well. (Victory!)

"I've spent the last eight years raising my daughter and being a consumer," Spade told WWD. "It's exciting to be back at work."

As of right now, there's not much more intel about the collection, but here's one interesting tidbit: It definitely won't include her own name, due to the legal restrictions following the sale of her brand to Liz Claiborne. A spokesperson has said that two possible alternate names are being considered.

Whatever it's called, we're into it.

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