Olivia Palermo Is Definitely Not Down with Crocs, Reveals the Most Versatile Piece in Her Jewelry Collection

Consider this your fall style primer.

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Olivia Palermo is a certified style star. So it makes perfect sense that BaubleBar (opens in new tab) teamed up with fashion plate to collaborate on pieces that reflect her timeless, streamlined aesthetic—thankfully, bringing the goods straight to us. We caught up with Palermo to talk about her favorite jewelry, her go-to beauty product, and the one thing you would never have guessed about her. Plus, get an exclusive peek at the new pieces which launched today. *Adds to cart*

Marie Claire: What's your favorite piece from the collection? How would you style that piece?

Olivia Palermo: My favorite pieces from the collection are the cuffs. Any one of them. A cuff is so versatile, you can wear them dressed up or down.

MC: What would you say is your fashion mantra?

OP: "Stay stylish."

MC: Is there any look or trend that you look back on and think "never again?"

OP: Personally, no. But I think crocs are just a no. 

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MC: What's your favorite piece for fall?

OP: My favorite piece for fall is the alligator round necklace.

MC: What do you think the secret is to a great, pulled-together look?

OP: Tailoring. When clothes fit properly it always makes an impression.

MC: Your a fashion muse to many—who do you consider your style muses?

OP: All of the stylish women I see around the world on my travels.

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MC: What are some of your favorite beauty products?

OP: My Ciaté eyeliner in fig is the best. I worked really hard on the whole collection and perfecting it.

MC: What's the one thing people underestimate when it comes to style?

OP: The value of a good dry clean service. Some garments are too special to throw in the laundry.

MC: Where do you go for awesome, unique pieces?

OP: Antique shops. There are always great new additions to the collections.

MC: What's one thing that people don't know about you?

OP: I'm a huge hockey fan.

Ready to shop Olivia Palermo's picks from BaubleBar? Check out the new styles above and the full collection at BaubleBar.com (opens in new tab).

Clothing, Brown, Sleeve, Denim, Textile, Outerwear, Style, Street fashion, Pocket, Fashion accessory,

(Image credit: Courtesy BaubleBar)

1. Croc Collar, $54; BaubleBar.com (opens in new tab)

2. Mosaic Collar, $74; BaubleBar.com (opens in new tab)

3. Croc Pendant, $52; BaubleBar.com (opens in new tab)

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