Would You Wear "Wedgie Jeans"? We Did—and Here's What We Thought

Watch your backside, Kylie.

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By now you've probably heard of Levi's latest style, The Wedgie. Kylie Jenner's belfied them. Fashion editors are champing at the bit for them. And they're already getting mocked by those allergic to the Mom Jean look. C'mon, still?

Never ones to shy away from a sartorial controversy, a handful of us MarieClaire.com editors strapped on the cheeks-squeezing, $128 style in the name of journalism. Though, it didn't hurt that Levi's avowed the Wedgie's butt-enhancing powers thanks to its vacuum-packed fit on the waist and hips. 

Here, five women—who vary greatly on the backside spectrum—try on the Wedgie for size (albeit not bent over a bathroom sink), tailor the look re: personal style, and get candid. Like, really candid.

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"My initial reaction upon seeing the jeans is that it's not 1992 for a reason. But overall, I think they're very flattering. It's definitely an adjustment in terms of how I see my own body. But once I adjusted to the aesthetic of the cut, I felt comfortable and sexy. I styled them with a black cashmere turtleneck, my grandmother's dainty vintage belt, and big, chunky booties. I plan on wearing them again."

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"Aaand this is why I shouldn't eat gluten—me, the first time I tried these on. Like Kanye, I generally 'avoid that area altogether,' so walking around with a seam pretty far up there wasn't completely pleasant for this AYR acolyte. Other parts of this look: a wicked I Waited for You top that comes with its own coffee filter/cape, and low, strappy Topshop heels. In the end, the butt payoff was low, but I'll just go up a size next time—lose a butt, gain more of a Jeanne Damas effect."

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"I have a very flat booty, so initially I was skeptical that wedgie jeans would do anything at all to complement my figure. And when I felt the denim, I was even more scared because it felt so much heavier than my usual skinny jeans. You'd think that wedgie jeans would be inherently uncomfortable, but they were the opposite. They were so high-waisted that I felt strapped in, like I was wearing a girdle. In a good way! And I didn't feel a wedgie sensation at all! 

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At first I tried them on with several different crop tops, but they all made my body look like a weird noodle. I opted for a black lace-up shirt from Topshop that I could tuck into the pants to further accentuate my waist. I found the shoes part really challenging. I wore my favorite blue boots (also from Topshop), but the unfinished hem on the pant leg kept on getting caught in the top of the boots and it looked awkward. I'll wear wedgie jeans again, but I don't think they did much for me in the bum department."

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"When I initially discovered the waist-cinching, butt-elevating powers of mid-to-high-rise denim, it was a paradigm shift for my style. I embraced blue jeans and my admittedly sizable derrière like never before. The '70s (you know, that time before wedgies were supposed to be ironic) are also my spirit decade. So needless to say, I was dying to get my ass in these jeans. 

Upon slipping into them, I found them to be two-syllable damn worthy, but in an I-can't-bend-or-snap kind of way. They were also a little too straight and spacious on the hem for my liking—especially paired with a billowy blouse and stringy wool sweater on top. I don't think the silhouette is super flattering on the legs, but I know better than to walk away from a #belfie-worthy pair."

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"While I was pleased that these jeans lived up to their name (so many wedgies, so little time), the cut wasn't the most flattering to my body type. I prefer pants that are fitted to the ankle, and while the Wedgie had a super-flattering high waist, they morphed into Mom Jeans from the knee down. But maybe this is my fault for styling them with flats instead of heels, which would have gone a long way in lengthening my legs. Either way, the thrill of being one step closer to Wedgie Jean-Wearer Kylie Jenner was worth it. I could be convinced to wear these again if bribed with pizza and Lip Kits."

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

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