I Have Never Gotten More Compliments on an Item of Clothing Than I Get on This Top

A shirt that will change your life—I guarantee it.

Mystery shirt
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Even the most sartorially mindless person could tell you what she was wearing during certain Life Events, like when she met The One (even though that is a farce dreamed up by the greeting-card-rom-com-industrial complex).

But even if your memory for clothes were worse than that—even if you couldn't make your brain register that sort of information at all—you could never, ever forget when you were wearing Calle del Mar's sequin boyfriend T-shirt. Because every time you put it on, you'd have the best day of your life. Every. Single. Time.

Calle del Mar

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Calle del Mar Baggy Sequin T-shirt, $288, calldelmar.us.

I don't know what incantations they say over those organza tops, or what else they pour into each quilted pocket along with tablespoonfuls of silver star sequins, but holy Amanda Chantal Bacon—they aren't lying when they say those semi-sheer, wearable HAPPY MAGNETS are "made with good vibes in L.A." (YOU CAN FEEL THEM, I SWEAR.) True, humans are attracted to shiny things, and will therefore be drawn to you when you're practically *breaded* in shards of reflective plastic, but that's not all.

I don't go in much for energies or citrine crystals to cure my lethargy and pay my ConEd bill, but sticking your torso into one of these shirts is like surrounding yourself with a forcefield of fluttery, everything-is-possible excitement. How could you not feel this way when your upper body is draped in the pastel daydreams of your youth? In my pale yellow version, which I have taken out just twice so far, I have fallen truly, inconveniently in love and been accosted by no less than one lighting designer and seven fashion editors. (The winter plan is to layer it over a turtleneck or a button-down à la J.Crew Spring 2017. Gotta keep the fairy tale alive.)

So why am I telling you this, when more wearers of The Divine Calle del Mar Shirt would mathematically lower my own compliment quotient? Well, underneath my hard candy coating, I've actually got a center so gooey you could call it molten. But more than that, I'm a believer in shine theory—that brightening others' lives (literally, in this case) won't make mine any duller.

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Chelsea Peng
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