The 30 Second Facial

Applying makeup for me is de-stressing. Removing it, though, is something I'm way too lazy about. I don't like doing it last thing before bed - splashing water on my face just makes me 'wake up' again. So I'm happy to say I've finally found the perfect solution: cleansing towelettes. The one I've been particularly using is Pond's Clean Sweep Micro Dermabrasion Wet Cleansing Towelettes ($5.99) with cucumber extracts.

They're great for me since all you do is take one towelette, use the exfoliating side with microbeads to loosen dirt and remove dead skin cells and then turn it over to the smooth side for extra cleaning. You don't even need to wet it (it's pre-moistened). Just use it and toss it. It does such a great job, and even works to remove my waterproof mascara. Plus, no breakouts means it's working. I still use my regular liquid cleanser in the morning, but these have made my pre-bed time beauty regimen 10 times faster. It fits in my purse when I'm on the go or traveling. I plan on always keeping a stash with me from here on out!

Do you have any similar products that have made the facial cleansing process easier and/or faster?

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