Why the National Geographic Store (!!!) Could Be a Game-Changer for Your Closet

Who knew?

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I am inclined to believe that, with some time and effort, one could conceivably find something one might like to buy anywhere—at your nan's go-to department store, you can now leave with pom-pom mules and vinyl minis (opens in new tab) like that which Kylie Jenner recently wore (opens in new tab). But the National Geographic Store (opens in new tab)? It might be the unlikeliest, goldmine-iest of them all—and not just for its Morgan Freeman-narrated documentaries.

Alongside DNA kits and The Secret History of World War II, the store stocks an Aladdin's cave of—wait for it—clothes. Good clothes. (H/T to Man Repeller (opens in new tab).) The trick is perhaps to steer clear of the more "culturally inspired" pieces and rather think of it as a place to find solid basics like Irish aran sweaters (opens in new tab) without having to trawl eBay, and novelty items that speak to your profound sense of irony.

Like this: The branded (opens in new tab)dad cap (opens in new tab), in navy or black, would be funny worn to brunch with faux fur and jumbo ear jewelry (opens in new tab). And what about the silly cheetah T-shirt (opens in new tab) under a slip dress à la Vetements? Or take one of the aforementioned fisherman knits, which come in every kind of pullover and cardigan and half-zip imaginable, and add a pair of high-shine Carven pants (opens in new tab) or a skirt.

Result: Alexa Chung.

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But maybe what you really want is compression socks (opens in new tab) for escaping death by deep vein thrombosis on your next long-haul flight (opens in new tab)? They've got those too.

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