In Appreciation of Anne Hathaway Being the Only Celebrity to Take This Style Risk

What's not to like?

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When did Anne Hathaway become likable? The real answer: when the internet decided to stop hating her for no reason. Helping her cause is her delightful promo tour for Colossal, during which she's sung a poorly translated version of "Can't Feel My Face" and made an important sartorial point in a way few other celebrities have.

Just in time for Earth Day (April 22—mark your calendars), she and stylist Penny Lovell have taken on the Emma Watson eco-friendly red-carpet challenge...but with vintage and secondhand pieces. This is a big deal because 1) when was the last time you heard of a famous person wearing resell (even if it is Givenchy from Decades) for a public appearance? And 2) in this newness-centric, hours-after-it-walked-the-runway world, anything archival still has the sense of being somehow lesser than post-current-season goods.

Not that anybody would think that of the treasures Lovell has pulled: '70s Oscar de la Renta, Vivienne Westwood from Spring 2014—which might be the most daring of all, because it's in that dangerous old-young territory—and a floral "flea market dress" scored for an unbelievable $15. Supplement that with staples from Hathaway's own closet and a smattering of borrowed accessories, and you've got some chic outfits with seriously low carbon footprints.

More, please. More...

And, oh yeah—less hate <333.

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