Best Solutions for 9 Common Bra Problems

From strapless to backless, we've got you covered for even the trickiest wardrobe choices.

Sometimes the trickiest part of getting dressed isn't figuring out what to wear with a certain article of clothing, it's figuring what to wear underneath it. With so many unique style options in stores right now, it's worth investing in specialty bras that will make wearing your sexiest pieces and getting ready for that special date much simpler. Below, we list easy-to-find solutions for some of the most common neckline and back styles.

One-Shoulder, Asymmetric, and Halter Top (and every other out-of-the-ordinary neckline)

One-shoulder and asymmetric dresses and tops have been everywhere lately and let you show extra skin without going completely strapless. Bras with convertible straps work best for these styles — the more convertible they are, the better. Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood both carry great convertible bras that allow you to arrange the neckline almost any way you want — position one strap across the chest diagonally for asymmetric, use only one strap for one-shoulder pieces, and adjust the halter placement based on the neckline of the article of clothing.

Racer-Back and T-Back

There are many different themes and variations of the racer-back and T-back. While bras with convertible straps can be a good option for these styles, you may want to pick up a bra designed specifically for these cuts. The T-Back bra by Maidenform is a good solution that can work for both racer-back and T-back styles.

Strapless and Backless

Constantly falling down without providing proper support, strapless bras in general tend to be horrible. To avoid constant slippage, underwire and light padding help bras stay up as well as support. Also look for bras with silicone grip strips on the sides that help to keep them in place. For backless pieces, your best bet is usually to go braless and wear breast petals to create a smooth look under clothing. The petals come in silicone and cotton and are reasonably cheap and reusable. Unfortunately, going braless simply isn't a viable option for many bigger-busted women. Luckily, there are a few excellent alternatives. Nu Bra makes a reusable adhesive silicone backless bra, which essentially consists of two cups connected in the middle that you stick onto your skin. For a little extra support, Sassybax also makes a nylon adhesive bra with sides.

Low Neckline

For tops and dresses with plunging necklines, look for bras specially designed with a deep, U-shaped dip in the front. Bra tape can be an amazing tool for making sure that fabric stays where you want it to fall. Going backless and also sporting a low neckline? Victoria's Secret makes a bra for both.

Another tip: While a red bra may look sexy on its own, buy your special-occasion bras in a nude color closest to your skin tone so that they'll disappear under sheer fabrics.