WATCH: Cynthia Rowley's Big Hugs Video Is Perfection

Cynthia Rowley's Big Hugs video is perfection.

Fresh off New York Fashion Week, Cynthia Rowley released her latest video on Monday showcasing that joyful, fun-loving spirit the designer often celebrates with her clothes.

Featuring a somewhat common and embarrassing urban moment, Rowley had lifestyle extraordinaire Athena Calderone and actress Hailey Gates walk down the streets of New York City punking strangers and celebrities alike. Aptly titled Big Hugs, the two women, dressed head-to-toe in flirtatious Rowley looks, pretended to approach someone for a major hug but ducked last minute to embrace one another. The prank might be childish, but we can't help but enjoy watching the looks of confusion and embarassment on certain celebs' faces. And we have a feeling you'll enjoy it too.