A Closer Look at How Gigi Hadid Made Sweats Not Just Socially Acceptable but Chic

Doing god's work.

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We know, we know—didn't we just advise *against* packing pants with any sort of give this holiday season? Yup, and we stand by that, but we do also stand by keeping an open mind and wearing the appropriate costume for the appropriate occasion. Which is why, here, we examine how Gigi Hadid brought sweatpants from the darkest, most shame-filled corner domestic sphere to the forefront of fashion.

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What's the opposite of burying the lede? Because I'm just going to blurt out the thesis now: There is really no distinction between gym and street and wherever-you-want anymore, thanks to a loosening of social and sartorial norms and celebrities like Gigi Hadid treating sweats as regular trousers.


Continued: The Audacity of Fleece in Paris, which is what Gigi Hadid should title her memoirs. Here, as an athleisure angel in all white, she sends a message of comfort and joy and taking pride in the quintessentially American trait of DGAF-ness.


Another example of Hadid's "it'll be okay if you think of them as trousers" lesson, combined with another takeaway: the importance of a good coat, which lets you get away with pretty much anything. (And if your shoes are good too, there's no snooty bouncer in the world who wouldn't let you in.)


See? With a sidewalk-sweeping duster (shudder), "flight with high threat of deep vein thrombosis" becomes "brunch at restaurant with $25 bellinis."


And now, another crucial ingredient for wearing a full-body hiking sock outside the non-judgmental bubble of your own home: matchy-matchy is best. 1) For creating a long silhouette, even when your photographer isn't kneeling on the ground, and 2) for creating the effect of intentionality, which is compounded if you can provide textural contrast with the fabric. (Like if you did a white leather jacket here too.)


And with those observations, we arrive at the final form (for now) of the Gigi Hadid Sweatsuit: all one color, properly fitted, distract-ifying outerwear. *minds everywhere reverse their opinions*

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