10 Non-Cheesy St. Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas So You Don't Fall Victim to Casual Pinching

Also so you don't have to go to jail for breaking someone's fingers.


In an increasingly PC world, things like mistletoe (the official state plant of sexual harassment) aren't kosher. But until horrible men realize it's best to leave you alone, on holidays and otherwise, just go ahead and wear green on St. Patty's Day so they don't have an excuse. We've taken care of that bit—learning jujitsu is up to you.

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Army Jacket

The party continues on the back of this parka, where there are more pom-poms, mirrors, and embroidery.

$100, zara.com.

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Dark Green Choker Dress

When you want a choker but also off-the-shoulder but also short sleeves. 

$65, topshop.com.

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Gingham Pajama Pants

An important part of a balanced, Prada-inspired breakfast. (And by "breakfast," we mean a hodgepodge of feathers and kept-woman PJs. Bliss.) 

$125, stories.com.

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Ruffly Cocktail Dress

From the brand's new "ready-to-party" collection, this guy would be really nice now with a striped shirt layered underneath. PSA: Oh yes, the single shoulder is back and saucier than ever. 

$168, jcrew.com.

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Lace-Accent Skirt

Chrissy Teigen wore the khaki version! 

$375, matchesfashion.com.

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Oversized Mesh Cardigan

Why pose next to a safety fence when you can *be* a safety fence?

$40, hm.com.

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Bow-Strap Sheath Dress

Kelly green has never looked better than on this drape-y sheath by one of the most promising young designers working today. 

$690, needsupply.com.

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Bell-Sleeve Button-Down

Has cool fluted sleeves, a swingy shape, and a swarm of bees that actually don't want to kill you. 

$80, shop.mango.com.

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Long-Sleeve Lace Dress

So you're ahead of the baby-doll silhouette's inevitable comeback/can have six pints of tinted beer without wanting to vom because your waistband is squeezing you. 

$189, revolve.com.

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Shiny Pleated Skirt

The metallic pleated midi skirt thing still hasn't shown any signs of dying, so if you haven't already, pick one up now before it jumps the shark.  

$59, genuine-people.com.

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