9 Cute Winter Outfits for Women to Live In

Don't worry—these looks will keep you warm, too.

Winter Outfit Ideas So Stylish, You Won't Even Mind the Weather
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If there's one thing that working in fashion has taught me over the years, it's this: Winter-weather dressing is an art form. Sure, you can pull on your favorite pair of leggings and throw on your favorite oversized puffer jacket and call it a day—but where’s the fun in that? Instead, I found the best winter outfits for women that feature both style and function, and they’re all so easy to emulate at home. 

The key to pulling together a winter outfit for winter 2023 is to pair the pieces you know and love with a few fresh updates for the new year. A new oversized blazer looks great layered over your favorite colorful turtleneck, for instance. Or, grab your classic chunky cardigan and wear it with your denim jacket and a pair of matching jeans for a denim-on-denim look that just works without having to put in too much effort. It’s not about investing in an entirely new wardrobe. Rather, you can dig out the pieces in your closet that could use some updating and replace them with something that feels more in line with your current style. 

Keep reading to check out the cute winter outfits that rely on articles of clothing that you probably already own. Feel free to use these outfits as inspiration on those mornings when you have no clue what to wear, or in those moments when you’re simply sick of wearing the same exact chunky knit cardigan over (and over) again. 

1.  Cool Prepster 

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cute winter outfits

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 This look is all about playing with color and proportion. Style an oversized blazer over a classic V-neck sweater, but layer them both on top of a brightly colored turtleneck top to make your outfit feel special. 

2. Texture Play 

cute winter outfits

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 Wearing all black doesn’t need to feel boring. Style different textures together to added interest, like a faux fur black jacket over a longer blouse. Black skinny jeans or your favorite straight-leg trouser keep everything looking put-together, while a classic black pump makes your outfit feel a little more formal. A black belt bag that comes in a textured leather material breaks up the look. 

3. Not Your Typical Suit 

cute winter outfits

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Suits are always a good idea. Opting for one that has a bit more going for it—this checkered blazer and pants set actually includes a matching vest that you can layer under it and comes in a chic checkered print—will instantly upgrade your workwear.

4.  Color-on-Color

cute winter outfits

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 While I'm normally drawn to wearing neutrals in the wintertime, some days call for a little-or a lot-of color. A bright blue coat is a show-stopper on its own, but wearing it over a printed dress and with some cool white ankle boots seals the deal. Add in even more color by way of a mini bag.

5.  Chic Neutrals

cute winter outfits

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 Like I said before—I really love wearing neutrals. Brown has become one of my favorite hues over the last few months and I’ve found that it looks best when styled with other similar tones. If you’ve got a classic pair of khakis, this is the time to pull them out. Style it with a brown sweater—I'm really into quarter- and half-zips these days-for a sporty touch. 

6.  Daytime Leather 

cute winter outfits

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PSA: Leather can and should be styled in the office! It just depends on the silhouettes that you choose. Those skin tight leather leggings? Swap them out for a  leather dress that has a boxier silhouette instead. Your favorite black turtleneck adds warmth without adding bulk, and a bright contrasting bag adds a touch of color. 

7.  Denim-on-Denim 

cute winter outfits

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Canadian Tuxedos are cool, people! Find a shade that you like best and pick a denim jacket and pair of matching jeans (preferably from the same brand, for continuity) and wear them together. For added warmth, throw on an oversized suede coat. It keeps with the country-western theme without going overboard. 

8. Super Puffed 

cute winter outfits

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 If you must wear a puffer this season, make it an oversized one that comes in classic color. Now your entire body can be bundled in one easy step. And when wearing all black, why not opt for a fun printed boot

9.  Just the Classics 

cute winter outfits

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It doesn’t get better than the basics: A good pair of jeans, your favorite tailored leather jacket, and a cozy cropped cardigan. The 2023 touch comes by way of the multicolored cowboy boots, although they could be easily swapped out for a pair of loafers

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