Serena Williams Pairs a Bubblegum Pink Mini Dress With Brat Green Slides

The GOAT has officially cosigned the "brat girl summer" trend.

Serena Williams attends the Sacai Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on June 23, 2024 in Paris, France.
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Tennis great Serena Williams seems to be taking a page out of Charli XCX's fashion playbook and incorporating the "brat girl summer" trend into her summer wardrobe.

On Saturday, July 6, Williams shared a video on Instagram highlighting the breezy summer outfit she wore while making a surprise visit at an Ultra Beauty salon to say hello to shoppers of her makeup brand, WYN.

The GOAT wore a simple, bubblegum pink mini dress featuring thick straps and a slight flare, complimented by a pair of brat girl summer approved green slides.

"Yesterday I popped up at @ultabeauty and surprised some @wyn shoppers," Williams captioned the playful video." You never know which @ultabeauty I’ll 'pop up at.' Could yours be next? P.S. don’t mind my messy room."

For the uninitiated, the "brat girl summer" trend—and more specifically the decision to incorporate what is being referred to as brat green—is dominating 2024 courtesy of Charli XCX and her latest album, aptly titled Brat.

The album's signature slime-green art quickly became an internet phenomenon—#BratGreen went ultra-viral, amassing more than 2.6 million tagged posts on Instagram. On TikTok, fashion brands like Kate Spade have been posting "brat starter packs,” while the color itself has started to appear on everything from Trader Joe’s chalkboard signs to brat-branded bratwursts.

In a recent interview, Charli XCX admitted that she specifically chose the eye-catching, almost obscene and even controversial color on purpose.

“I’d like for us to question our expectations of pop culture—why are some things considered good and acceptable and some deemed bad?" she told Vogue Singapore in her April cover story. "I’m interested in the narratives behind that and want to provoke people."

Serena Williams has been playing with 2024 summer trends, including the timeless denim look that has been experiencing something of a resurgence.

In a recent Instagram post, Williams declared that the "jean skirt is baaaaaaackkkkk" before attempting to wear a denim skirt she had showcased previously but did not yet fit.

"Paris was fun, but I gotta see if I can fit in this skirt yet—saying a little prayer…lol," Williams captioned the post, while telling herself in the video not to "get negative if it doesn't work out."

Spoiler Alert: The skirt doesn't fit just yet, so Williams is promising fans one more video to document the end of her denim skirt journey.

Williams is also clearly adhering to stylist Alison Bornstein’s wrong shoe theory, which suggests fashionistas the world over intentionally wear shoes that juxtapose the rest of the outfit to create a more interesting overall look.

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