Sophie Turner Nailed 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' Styling

The key is to utilize wardrobe basics.

Sophie Turner in a coat, jeans, and chunky chain-link loafers
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In the harsher seasons like fall and winter, we lean on wardrobe essentials to get us through the day with ease. There’s no room for experimenting with fashion trends when the weather is mercurial and our to-do lists are stacked. Instead, we look to the tried-and-true pieces to make us look put-together without requiring a lot of thought. For a busy woman like Sophie Turner, this means an easy fall outfit formula that epitomizes a 'working smarter, not harder' styling philosophy.

Turner was spotted out in New York this week looking unbothered and well-dressed, which we all know is the best feeling after a break-up (Cue Taylor Swift’s “Better Than Revenge.”) The actor's look comprises mainly wardrobe basics: a black Bleusalt T-shirt, light acid-wash Khaite jeans, and a tailored black maxi coat. Some might say these staple pieces are boring or that a corporate-core uniform detaches us from our personal style. But with her recent fall outfit, Turner proves that the simple touches added to these easy essentials are what makes them ours.

Allow us to explain: Turner opted for chunky chain-link loafers, which added a flash of metal to bring more texture and flair to her look. Shoe 'jewelry' has been a quiet trend this year, kickstarted by Tory Burch’s trendy shoes adorned with piercings seen on its Spring Summer 2024 runways. Clearly, the Game of Thrones actor has been paying attention to this year’s trends because, in that same vein, she accessorized with a sculptural gold pendant that paired with the gold in the loafers (statement necklaces are one of fall 2023's top jewelry trends). Simply put, her simple outfit served as a canvas for easy styling, allowing for her eye-catching accessories to pop.

Sophie Turner out and about in New York

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Turner (who made headlines this week when she was spotted kissing British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson) is known for her modern and effortless take on street style, and her recent outfit is another one to add to her excellent archive.

To recreate her look, you’ll have to work with the essentials. The easiest place to start is with denim. If you haven’t found the perfect pair, try Turner's Khaite jeans, which we can confirm are worth the splurge but tend to go on sale—stay tuned for Black Friday, folks. Take your favorite pair of straight-leg denim and style it with a basic tee tucked in and a coat. Then, add all of your favorite accessories, like a bold necklace or earrings. The exact chain link loafers Turner is wearing are from Billini, and the best part is that they're under $100. If you’re not a fan of chain-link loafers, opt for a colorful sneaker that can add similar boldness to the look.

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