Beyoncé Adds Another Layer to the Double Denim Trend

Courtesy of her seventh (!) Canadian tuxedo of the 'Cowboy Carter' era.

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It's Beyoncé's Wild West, we're just living in it. The pop star has been dressing to the tune of her new album Cowboy Carter, wearing ten-gallon hats and fringe jackets and bolo ties. But most of all, Bey has been on a blue jean kick. No, "LEVII'S JEANS" isn't just a song title—it's a lifestyle.

Beyoncé wore a head-to-toe denim look, the latest of several Canadian tuxedos in recent history, in an Instagram slideshow posted last night. She struts by a luxe indoor pool, poses on a sunny stairway, and stands by a Roni Horn sculpture with her cowboy, Jay-Z. Her stylist, Shiona Turini, pulled the outfit together.

Beyonce wears a triple denim outfit and an isabel marant coat

Beyoncé's seventh (!) Canadian tuxedo of the Cowboy Carter album cycle features a coordinating denim hat.

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Bey wore a half-unbuttoned button-down chambray shirt, tucked into high-waisted light wash jeans that were a cross between skinny and boot-cut fit. She tied the look together with a chestnut brown, big-buckle leather belt and matching Shyanne Mojave western boots. A sparkling tangle of silver chains rested on her chest, and a denim cowboy hat sat on her head—bringing a third layer of denim to the look. To top it off, she slung a plaid-checkered blue and grey Isabel Marant coat around her shoulders.

Last night's look was a classic and casual (well, casual for Beyoncé) version of Beyoncé's typical all-denim outfit. In past weeks, we've seen the singer in denim chaps and slouchy denim stiletto boots. Earlier in the day yesterday, Bey posted a picture in an Alexander McQueen dark-wash denim corseted jacket-and-skirt set.

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Beyoncé is far from the first star to embrace the denim-on-denim-on-denim trend this year. Bella Hadid, for one, has been flirting with a Western-inspired wardrobe and wearing Canadian tuxedos ever since she started dating her professional cowboy boyfriend. Gisele Bündchen looked ranch-ready in a studded denim jacket, jeans, and matching bra. Katie Holmes was spotted strolling in a tailored jeans-and-vest set. And Sydney Sweeney tried a glammed-up Givenchy double-denim look.

So far, Beyoncé is the first to triple up with a coordinating hat. Knowing her influence on fashion, she won't be the last.

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