20 Steps to Kickstart Your Health

Make this your best year yet. From who you admire to what you drink—yes, including that glass of vino—these small changes will put your body and health into overdrive, and share your tips below!

1. Invest in an awesome water bottle to remember to stay hydrated.

2. Skip the subway, car, taxi, escalator, or elevator and walk!

3. Use an exercise ball as your desk chair.

4. Remind yourself that celebrities have beauty SWAT teams to primp them.

Health Tips

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5. Pick a cheat day to reward your healthy routine.

6. Sign up for a dance class.

7. Wash your pillowcase every week.

8. Keep your razor germ and rust-free out of the shower.

9. Ignore the freezer section.

10. Volunteering can help you build muscles & homes!

11. Use tech tools like MyFitnessPal or FitBit to track your progress.

12. Mix in a pinch of cinnamon to your yogurt to kick up your metabolism.

Health Tips

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13. Find a workout buddy for solidarity (and a little peer pressure).

14. Step away from your desk at least once each afternoon.

15. Swap your smoothies for juices.

16. Add ginger to post-workout beverage to heal muscles.

17. Eat dark chocolate when you're stressed.

18. Rest your eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes at a computer.

Health Tips

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19. Keep your hands off of your face.

20. One glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. One.

Health Tips

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