Training Plan

Plan 1: Beginner Sprint Distance from Gale Bernhardt
Plan A

This 12-Week training plan is for the beginning
triathlete looking for an endurance goal. The goal is to complete a triathlon
that is roughly 450 yards of swimming, 15 miles of cycling and 3.1 miles of
running or running and walking. 
This training plan is written for a currently
hibernating athlete needing a new goal. This athlete is presently not swimming,
does minimal cycling, is not running and needs some inspiration/motivation.
Before beginning the program, you are capable of swimming 50 yards (or meters)
nonstop, cycling 30 minutes three times per week and you may do other aerobic
activities at the gym. You are currently not running and may have some running
experience in your past. Please refer to the Plan Preview link to preview the
first two weeks of the plan. At the end of the plan you will have the fitness
to complete your first sprint distance triathlon!

Whether you use this plan to complete a competitive event
or you stage your own personal event, the plan can guide you to improved

Plan 2: Beginner Sprint Distance from Gale Bernhardt
Plan B

Your athletic profile begins with swimming. You know
how to swim, but it has been a long time since your arms and legs have actually
propelled your body through water. In other words, you have no swimming

As for cycling, you might ride a bicycle now and
again, mostly noodling around the neighborhood. On occasion, you might ride a
stationary bicycle at the health club while waiting for aerobics to begin or to
warm up before weight lifting. As with swimming, you have no real endurance on
the bike.

Finally, running. The running you do is mostly short
duration, like running bases in softball, trying to avoid the outfielders.
Maybe you chase a ball in racquetball. You might have even run a 5K once.

So your multisport profile for endurance sports isn't
great, but you're not sitting around channel surfing either. This plan assumes
you are currently active in sport three to six times per week. The specific
sport isn't as important as the fact you are active doing something. If you
aren't currently active and decide to use the plan to get back into shape, be
sure to consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

One of the most common mistakes made by people just
beginning to train for a triathlon, or any other endurance event, is doing too
much too soon. Early enthusiasm can lead to injury or overtraining. This plan
gently builds aerobic endurance in all three sports and gives specific workouts
to do each week.

This 12-week plan ranges in training volume from about two
hours per week to just over four hours per week. The plan goal, and your goal,
is to go from a current state of no swimming, minimal cycling, and no running
to completing a 450 to 500 meter swim, 11 to 15 mile bike, and about a 3 mile
run, consecutively – your first triathlon.

Plan 3: Beginner Olympic Distance from Gale Bernhardt

You might be a beginning triathlete or maybe you have
a couple of races under your belt from previous seasons. In either case you are
fit and are NOT a beginning athlete. Before beginning Week 1 of the plan you
are capable of riding a bike 30 to 60 minutes two days a week and completing a
long ride around two hours on a third day. You can swim 100 yards (or meters)
nonstop and swimming for 30 minutes a couple of times per week is easy. You can
run two days per week, one 30-minute run and a longer run of 45 minutes.

With the profile in mind, have a look at the plan
preview. If the first couple of weeks of training look like training loads you
can handle, this is your plan. Weekly training hours range from 5:15 to a maximum
between 8:15 and 10:00. There is some flexibility built into the plan to
accommodate individual differences. For example there is no time posted for the
swim workouts. Obviously there can be big differences in swimming abilities
between people with a competitive swim background and those just getting into
swimming. Some of the run and bike workouts also have ranges built into the

The plan has a general pattern of cycling and strength
training on Monday and Wednesday, heading to only Mondays as the plan
progresses. Strength training is optional in this plan. If you decide not to
strength train, you can replace the strength training time with more time on
the bike on those days. If you are currently strength training, you can keep
your current routine. Be aware and notice if strength training is taking too
much energy away from your swimming, cycling and running. If this is the case,
consider reducing the exercises, sets or repetitions to allow higher quality
workouts during the aerobic sessions.

Novice Sprint Distance Swim Plan from Dave Scott

This 6-week plan is designed to help a novice athlete
prepare for, and complete a triathlon with a strong swim component. You
may train 2x per week or increase training to 3x per week by repeating one of
the workouts. Training days may occur on any day of the week according to
your schedule.

Intermediate Olympic Distance Swim Plan from Dave Scott

This 6-week plan is designed to help an intermediate level
athlete step up their swim component for triathlon. You may train 2x per
week or increase training to 3x per week by repeating one of the workouts.
Training days may occur on any day of the week according to your schedule.

Dave Scott 6 Week Strength and Injury Prevention

The premise of the program is to build up stabilization
muscles and incorporate balance, moves and ultimately, strength. By
mastering all 3 of those areas, you'll find that, in doing these exercises, the
support muscles, primarily in your hips, glutes, low back, and lower
abdominals, will be engaged and strengthened to enhance your overall triathlon
performance. These exercises were selected to initially isolate the
smaller muscle groups. You will be quite surprised at how easy they are
to perform but how difficult they are to sustain.

Depending on your level of fitness and strength, this
program can accommodate everyone. If you find that the latter weeks of
the program become overly challenging, select your favorite 7-8 exercises from
the previous week's workouts and repeat those until they are more manageable
before moving on to the remaining weeks of the program. If you find that
you have more time or wish to continue with this program, expand your exercise
base to 9-10 exercises each week.

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