Cheap Bath - Go Ahead...Be A Baby!

First up.....although it says bedtime it's really just lavender bubble bath. 15 fl. oz for $4.99! Not bad huh?

Next up....vapor bath. Eucalyptus to the max. Same oz.'s and price as above at

Check out the BABY line of moisturizers too. Now I know J&J recently put out a whole new line of moisturizers about two years ago. Believe me the baby line is just as good and still lover in price.

Again, $4.29 for 15 fl oz.'s. There's a flavor to match each bath product and even a "naturals" which supposedly last 24 hours and blend olive leave extract with Vitamin E. A bit more at $4.29 for 8 fl oz's. Still a better bargain than the adult versions!

So be a baby!

Save some money and have baby soft skin!


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