New NIKE Skirt

The new line of NIKE tennis inspired skirts are out and from what I'm told there are more colors to come this Spring.

NIke has re-defined their tradional "Border Skirt" rounding the edges at the slits.

If you've ever worn skirts for running or lifting or anything other than tennis you know how important the slits (hopefully) on each side are. Too big and it's too revealing. Too small and you don't get enough movement.

Of course the original colors are still available either thru NIKE (opens in new tab) or Nordstrom (opens in new tab). Now 50% off at Nordstrom for black/white or white/black. I was told that come Spring it will also be available in a white that fades to black.

The newest colors are variegated blue, green and pink. I've seen all three and the colors are very vivid and look quite slimming.

ANd for those of you in the Dallas area - this skirt and tons of NIKE.WOMEN apparel is available at the Nike Women's Store within Luke's Locker (opens in new tab).