What a Nutritionist Eats... At a Cocktail Party

Rachel Beller, dietitian and author of Eat to Lose, Eat to Win, shares the snacking strategy that keeps her wight in check over the holidays.

PRE-PARTY. "I always have an afternoon snack [150 to 175 calories] so I don't show up to a party hungry."

DIP STATION. "I skip the starches. Tortilla chips add up quickly. But I eat as much crudités as I'd like. If there isn't any, I find enough cherry tomato garnish to improvise a salad. I might also help myself to four pieces of shrimp, no sauce. I limit myself to 2 tablespoons total of hummus, salsa, or guacamole."

PASS-AROUNDS. "I never eat the puffs or flatbreads — they're usually 100 calories or more, a slippery slope. Instead, I allow myself two protein servings — four shrimp count as one. If the tuna tartar isn't smothered in mayo, I'll take one and throw out the crisp. Kebabs are also good."