6 (Actually Delicious) Ways to Make Your Takeout a Lot Less Fattening

Because those Seamless habits die hard.

Admit it: Seamless is your savior. But it's also kiiiiind of screwing you over in the healthy-food department—at least if you don't know how to hack your order. Check out these nutritionist tips for getting all the flavor but less of the fat.

"Restaurants tend to make sides to order," says Charlotte Niznik, advanced practice nurse and diabetes educator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. "They will probably be fresher than something that's been sitting out on a tray." Side orders of vegetables will also fill you up and keep you full for longer—maybestopping you from eating all the four-cheese pasta.

Takeout is notorious for huge portion sizes. Despite your self-promise to only eat half, the plate always ends up clean. Divide the meal in half before you dig in to guarantee calorie slashing. Plus, tomorrow's lunch is already set.

We're all in love with Chipotle, obviously, but extra helpings of cheese and sour cream are a one way ticket to gorge-ville. Get extra scoops of beans to add fiber with lettuce and guac for all the goodness without the guilt.

Pizza is pizza no matter how you slice it (sorry/had to), but ordering thin crust cuts down on excess carbs and white product. Up the ante by adding fresh vegetables and tomatoes to your pie.

"When the meat or vegetables are smothered in sauce, you should be suspicious," says Niznik. So try something a little fun: Order your usual meal without the sauce, and add flavor and seasoning on your own.

Simedar Jackson is an esthetician, content creator, and lover of sci-fi fiction living in Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about creating space for Black and Brown people in the beauty and wellness industries by providing access to culturally nuanced education and services that meet their needs. You can find them doing their skincare routine, reminding friends to reapply SPF, and watching reruns of Love Island.