Get Gorgeous Overnight

What to eat for glowing skin; eat these foods for immediate results.

Sarah McColgan
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Eat these foods for immediate results

1. Spinach, broccoli, and other dark green veggies are rich in minerals and vitamin A-your antidote to dry skin and wrinkles. "One serving daily will make you gorgeous by the weekend," says Karin U. Kanzler, a naturopath and aesthetician at L.A.'s Allure Pilates Spa."

2. Olive oil, flaxseed oil, and fatty fish like salmon-all "healthy fats"- make your skin supple and glowing, says celeb facialist Sonya Dakar.

3. Drinking fresh-squeezed vegetable juice with lemon juice and cayenne pepper gives an instant rosy-cheek effect. "Vegetable juice boosts energy and the cayenne increases circulation for a healthy glow," says certified clinical nutritionist Natalia Rose.

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