Energy Brews and Caffeine-Infused Vodka

Where there was once Red Bull and vodka, there are now a bunch of new alcoholic products with the caffeine already in them.
T. Schierlitz

Here's what to know about these multitaskers:


Sparks (Miller Brewing Company)

Tilt (Anheuser-Busch)

What's in It: As much caffeine as a cup of coffee, and a bit more alcohol (6 to 7 percent) than beer

What to Know: Lets you party longer, but there's a catch: Alcohol wrecks your body faster than your guy's, so partying longer = more alcohol = more damage.


V2 Vodka (Wingard;

What's in It: Caffeine and taurine, the essential amino acid found in Red Bull and other energy drinks

What to Know: Caffeine helps you burn a handful of extra calories, but don't consider this your new diet plan.

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