Anthropologie Is Having Another Sale — And I'm Stocking Up on Candles

Right now, Anthropologie is offering 25 percent off furniture and an extra 50 percent sale items. Shop our favorite items here.

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Ah, Anthropologie. What's not to love about the brand? The site is filled with cute bohemian clothes, accessories, and furniture, and the physical stores smell like a dream, thanks to its bestselling Capri Blue candles that are currently on sale (!).

Right now, Anthropologie is offering an extra 50 percent off sale items, which means you can walk away with Capri Blue's giant candle for a fraction of the price. Oh, and did I mention this one has a 125-hour burn time? It can very well be the only candle you want need for a long time.

Whether you're an avid Anthropologie shopper or simply a candle hoarder (um, hi, guilty!), Capri Blue needs no introduction. This line boasts an array of subtle-but-delicious scents that are lit in every Anthropologie across the country. Whether you opt for the fresh scents of Capri Blue's bestselling Volcano series or prefer to keep it floral with an Aloha Orchid candle, your home will smell amazing.

But why stop with one candle? While you're at it, here are a few more items from Anthro's sale that are worth adding to your cart. (Don't forget to scoop up one of our Anthropologie promo codes, too.) Happy weekend!

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