Here’s What These Two Major Eclipses Mean for Your Sign

Two eclipses in one month sounds scary, but don't panic.

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It’s eclipse season! We have a solar eclipse in Cancer this week and a lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn just on the horizon. It’s time to buckle up, as the effects of these celestial events reverberate for months.

On July 2, a total solar eclipse forms as the New Moon in Cancer passes between the Earth and Sun. Think of this as a reboot for your galactic computer. You can expect new beginnings in the part of your chart ruled by Cancer. Listen to what comes up and set solid intentions for the year.

If solar eclipses are all about new beginnings, lunar eclipses signal closure and culmination.

Then on July 16, a Full Moon in Capricorn moves into Earth’s shadow, creating a partial lunar eclipse. If solar eclipses are all about new beginnings, lunar eclipses signal closure and culmination. The areas of your chart ruled by Capricorn, the ultra-professional taskmaster of the zodiac, are most impacted. This eclipse is more like a checkpoint—it prompts you to release what no longer serves you and let it go.

Let’s look at what this double dose of eclipse energy will mean for your sign this month. Read the ’scopes for your Sun and/or rising signs for a fuller picture!


You love forward momentum. But sometimes, you have to look back to move forward, and these eclipses want you to slow down and reconnect with your roots. Take a step back and realign yourself with your past interests and passions—ironically, it can really help you move forward in your career and find what you actually want to do with your life!


Take a good look around, because with these eclipses, your community life is primed for a reboot. Release dreams of lavish, ’grammable vacays you can’t afford right now (as well as any envy of those who can) and focus on where you’re at right now. Celebrate the home you’ve created for yourself, and do 👏 not 👏 take it for granted.


Get that bread! These eclipses energize your finances, so it’s time to step into your own moneymaking power. Be on the lookout for a clever, innovative form of income, and dump financial entanglements that don’t align with your ultra-high standards. That means finally leaving that job you sorta-kinda-really hate for something new. It’s time.


What do you see in the mirror? This eclipse season, you need to give an answer that affirms your individuality and autonomy. Get that new haircut, strut down the street, and take a selfie or two (or 17). Along with that, bid farewell to romantic partners or friendships who don’t affirm you or who make you feel bad for getting bangs.


It’s time for a deeper spiritual journey. If you are curious about tarot or having your birth chart read, these eclipses are saying go for it (seriously, your season/birthday is coming up, aka a perfect reason to splurge!). Forget the drudgery of everyday details—sometimes you have to zoom out to see your kingdom in all its high-vibe glory.


Everyone knows how much you love your alone time, but right now, there are people in your life who really want to get to know you better and pick your brain a bit. The world needs your wisdom, so ditch those headphones and challenge yourself to speak up more. Some really great new friends could come out of it!


Update that résumé. Your justice-oriented mind is inspiring and the stars want you to funnel that energy into new career opportunities. Whether it’s carving out a cool role for yourself at your current job or moving to a more fulfilling field, this time is all about realizing your max potential.


As is, you swim in the depths of your own mind a LOT. These eclipses want you to take risks and travel to even further reaches. Take that philosophy class, book a trip somewhere brand new, or reexamine your biggest values as a whole. July is all about leaving your comfort zone in every possible way.


Feeling a bit shaken up? The eclipses stir the bottom of your sea, where some strange and magical treasures can be found as well as those problems you can’t shake. Ditch your DIY attitude this month and accept some help, especially around financial matters. Your friends and family literally always want to have your back—let them!


It’s time to soften up! You’ve been working your ass off for, well, literally the entire time you’ve been alive a while now, and it’s time to slow down and enjoy the other important things in life besides your career. Aka a budding social life or new romance may arrive the moment you shed some of that workaholic vibe.


Don’t forget your body and soul, because it’s time to revolutionize your self-care. You’ve got to show up for yourself before you can help others. Ditch any habit that’s not adding to your wellness and embrace yoga, meditation, or that new fitness class you’ve been itching to try. Or just take more naps, honestly. Whatever gets you feeling more rested!


July is your time to shine! If you’re artistically inclined, start a new creative project and don’t be afraid to be a little “me me me” about it all. Stop hiding out in the shadows and let your inner queen shine. All eyes are on you this month—in a good way!

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Laura Leclerq is an astrologer and writer.