The New Moon In Leo Will Cause Either A Breakthrough or A Breakdown In Your Relationships

Watch out for July 31.

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  • On July 31, the new moon in Leo is happening.
  • This new moon is all about cramming in as much fun as possible before summer ends.
  • The new moon in Leo will affect all zodiac signs, but Leo and Aquarius will feel it the most.

Hump Day can be tough for all kinds of reasons. Sure, you’re halfway through the workweek, but you still have a few days to go until the weekend (and doesn't it always take forever to get to the "thirsty" part of Thursday?). Well, this Wednesday, July 31, has something a little different in store for you—a new moon in Leo.

In astronomy terms, a "new moon" means that the moon is in line with the sun, making it pretty much invisible from Earth. Oh, and ICYDK, there are 12 new moons a year, each syncing up with a different zodiac sign.

This new moon is going down, er, up in the sign of Leo, and it’s going to make you want to cram in as much fun as possible before summer ends, according to Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta. But don't start planning your beach day just yet—there’s a little more to it.

Here’s what else you can expect from the new moon in Leo:

What does the new moon in Leo mean for your sign?

Expect this new moon to make you want to get out, have fun, and celebrate life, says Page. You’ll be hopping from BBQs to parties to clam bakes like a champ, trying to soak up all that summer has to offer.

At the same time, you’ll be big, big, huge on expressing yourself—and you'll make zero apologies for that, TYVM. On that note, prepare to tap into your inner joy and going all in on whatever puts you in your happy place. Impromptu beach trip? Cool! How soon can you go back?

Leo energy is big on making you feel like a queen, so don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to throw in a pedi with your mani and get a blowout while you’re at it, Page says. You’re already at your stylist’s place, after all. And besides, you're so, so worth it.

FYI: It’s not just Leo energy that’s ramping up with the new moon. Venus is in Leo, too, which will make you want to deck yourself out 24/7. Get ready to go on a spending spree (or two) and admire just how awesome you look in your new duds.

Venus is also complicated by Uranus, making you want to Taylor Swift–style shake things up in your love life. Tbh, this can be a good or bad thing (just ask Tay Tay). "You’ll either have a breakthrough or a breakdown in your relationships," Page says. Ooh.

On that note, you may feeling a little more sensitive around this time, so keep that in mind before you start listing all the reasons your partner doesn't care about you just because they didn’t immediately notice your new haircut.

The new moon in Leo will impact all astrological signs, but Leo and Aquarius will feel it the strongest, Page says.

How will the new moon in Leo affect the rest of your month and year?

The Leo new moon has a ton to do with having fun, buuut it can also spark some deep thinking about how to make your life better as a whole.

And that can lead to some big changes for you. Maybe you’ll realize your job is a total drag on your mental health, and you’ll (finally!) make a change to something that feels more you. Or maybe you’ll start planning for that dream trip to Fiji you’ve always wanted to take but felt was out of your reach.

Whatever changes come your way, Leo energy is amazing, says Page. Now's the time to ask yourself: What can you do to bottle up that feeling and embrace it all the time?

So…when is the next new moon?

The next new moon is in Virgo, and heads up: It’s happening on August 30. During this new moon, you’ll feel a huge urge to get your life—and your emotions—organized, Page says. (Meaning it might not be the worst idea to start watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo...)

But for now, just enjoy living it up. You know you deserve it.

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