Leo 2016 Horoscope: A Look at Your Year Ahead

(July 22 - Aug 23)

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Not everything is about money. Money is important, but it's also necessary to remember its inherently symbolic value. In other words, you cannot eat the stuff, and if it has any meaning at all, it's the meaning we give it. Your charts for 2016 are, in many ways, about discussions and negotiations over resources. It may seem that other people are in a better position than you are, but if you look closely enough you will see the many advantages that you hold.

One of them is that you are resourceful and inventive. Another is that when you're under pressure, you can be brilliantly creative. Yet you can also be naive, particularly in your business dealings; and it's now essential that you be realistic. This includes in all matters where resources of any kind are exchanged. The deeper the exchange, the more complex this can become—for example, where both sex and money are involved; where inheritances are involved; where your creative work is connected to finances and your self-esteem.

What you must bring to the table is a mix of your passion, your talent, and your stone-cold analysis of who holds what cards. As part of that plan, make sure you notice who has invested significantly in you. Someone has—and they have just as much faith in you now as ever. 

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Chelsea Rickling

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